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Why Choose Call 48 for Wholesale VoIP Services

choose Call 48 for wholesale carrier services and solutions to increase profits with lower rates

By choosing Call 48 to provide your wholesale services and solutions you can reduce costs, improve reliability, and transform the way your business communicates on an IP platform. By using the equipment you have built, take advantage of the volume of minutes you use with our wholesale pricing.

Compared to retail VoIP solutions, V1 VoIP’s wholesale VoIP provides access to lower rates, with discounts based on volume. Our wholesale carriers will also provide greater technical and business flexibility allowing you to aggregate your traffic (wholesale VoIP minutes), burst in channels (concurrent calls), or resell these solutions. Depending on your preference, low flat-rate as well as A-Z rates are available.

Because Call 48’s wholesale VoIP rates are based on volume, the more you buy, the more you’ll save. After you understand the volume you will use, carriers need to decide if they would prefer a flat rate or “rate deck” service. If you have an advanced VoIP platform with an LCR, and can keep track of your usage, a “rate deck” is better. However, if you would rather not deal with the complexities of having to keep track of your rates and usage, a flat rate service may be best. Note that unless you are terminating calls to a single country, flat rates are almost never available for A-Z international routes because the large variations in international rates.

If you are interested in becoming a Call 48 wholeesale carrier, please make sure you know the following about your voice business’s usage:

  1. Your local, long-distance, and international termination (outbound calls) volume for the last few months.
  2. Your toll free, and non-toll free origination (inbound calls) minute volume for the last few months.
  3. The amount of simultaneous calls your system need to handle.

For Advance Users:

  1. Your requirements for CPS (calls per second), ASR (answer-seizure ratio), ACD (average call duration), and any other considerations (e911, Directory Listing, fail-over and redundancy options, softswitch hosting etc.)
  2. A good resource to have as you shop is your Call Detail Records (CDR). This document will contain helpful information on your usage statistics, and can help you compare services.

Are you ready to become a Call 48 wholesale customer? Contact a member of our team today to check out our competitive rates and take a free demo of our wholesale platform.