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What is Wholesale VoIP?

As a VoIP wholesale provider, you have your own equipment, your own switching and handle your own billing of customers. At wholesale, you are receiving the lowest prices on your high-quality solutions. The only thing you need are carrier services, and that’s where Call 48 comes in. 

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Wholesale VoIP With Call 48

Call 48 allows wholesale customers to pick and choose the services they want off an a la carte menu. Say goodbye to packages where you have to take everything under the sun. If you only need termination, just get termination. And even better, get wholesale termination pricing while you are it. 

Each month Call 48 sends wholesale customers a bill that is simple, easy to read, and lined item once for all carrier services. We make it easy for you to turn around and bill your customers individually at the rates you have set forth for them. 

Don’t let a carrier push you into more than what you need for your customers. Call 48 makes it simple to pick and choose which services you want to offer and which you don’t. 

How Does Wholesale VoIP differ From Reselling?

As a carrier of wholesale VoIP services and solutions, Call 48 is often approached by resellers doing a large business for our exclusive rates. Let us explain the fundamental difference between what it means to be a VoIP reseller and what it takes to become a Call 48 wholesale customer.

Like many other businesses, the goal of the VoIP reseller is to make money. This means setting proper margins for the cutting edge services that you are offering your customers. But regardless of the size of your business, what really separates a reseller from a wholesale customer is actually the equipment. 

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VoIP Wholesale Equipment

The crux of what pushes someone to become a Call 48 wholesale customer is they have their own equipment. This means a wholesale customer has and manages all their own infrastructure, builds their own colocation, owns their own networking gear, configures their own switching, offers customers their own support, and handles their own billing. What they need are the carrier services that Call 48 provides.

Discounted Pricing Means Greater Profit Margins

Call 48 offers wholesale for customers with far less expensive pricing than a regular provider can. With volume barriers hit, pricing levels continue to drop so customers can pick and choose the services they wish off an a la carte menu.

Because wholesale customers own their own equipment, they have more control over what they do with it. This means they can offer the services they want with the complete customization that they choose. And don’t forget about purchasing services at far less expensive rate-making aggregating faster and making more money easier.

When Does A Reseller Want To Upgrade And Become A VoIP Wholesaler?

You have been reselling VoIP services for a few years and making good money in the process. But how do you know when you are ready to take the leap to becoming a Call 48 wholesale customer?

A Call 48 wholesale customer means that they own their own equipment, operate their own VoIP switch, manage their own network and purchase their services and solutions from us.

When you own your personalized VoIP equipment you have more control over it, giving it more capabilities and having greater customization. This also means that you can buy your products at a more heavily discounted rate from Call 48 and aggregate to sell for higher rate of profit.

Transition From Reselling To Wholesale VoIP

At what point does a reseller start think about making the jump to a wholesaler?

The answer depends on how big of a reseller business they have and what they would be doing it for. If you have a good reseller business, it might not make financial sense. Paying a little extra for reseller services doesn’t cost that much more so for ease of use and not having to deal with the hassles of a colocation is worth it.


Let’s say their reseller business is handling the phone systems for a gym franchise. If you sell the same phones at every site, bring in the internet, program the phones and bill them all together, than this is a reseller that would not want to build their own infrastructure. It would not make financial sense.

Now if that gym franchise takes off and opens 500 locations, then that changes the situation. With that many locations, building out their own custom infrastructure might make financial sense. Especially when you can afford the costs that come with it. Along with that infrastructure comes the need to confirm the system is up and running, that there’s no problems with the billing system and as well as have a staff to support it.

Along with handling your own billing capabilities comes the need to segregate each of your customer’s bill.  As a wholesaler customer, you are responsible for taking care of each of your customers for individual bills, usage of products, and calculation of taxes.

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In Short

Wholesale VoIP can be a smart move for larger companies. If you want control over your equipment and flexibility with the services you offer while increasing your profit margins, switching from a Reseller to a Wholesaler with Call 48 as your carrier should be your next move.

How To Get Started: Wholesale VoIP with Call 48

Starting wholesale VoIP with us is easy. Now that you’re ready to make the jump to wholesale, create an account through the button or contact us at 888-444-1111 to get started!

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