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Wholesale US VoIP SIP Trunking

At Call 48 our wholesale SIP trunking domestic usage is provided with high quality, aggressively priced long distance termination to the US. We focus on high ASR and low trouble ticket count. Whether a metropolis or rural area, we will get the job done and without cutting corners. While we believe cost is key, Call 48 also focuses in on accuracy. Our billing system is bar none and will accommodate a wide variety of formats requested in the industry with high probability we can meet your requirements.

In addition to our premier CPAAS technology, to best suit our wholesalers, Call 48 has designed the industry’s most advanced Least Cost Routing (LCR) intelligence, routing to more than 150 direct interconnections. We then boosted performance by developing and deploying our own quality grooming technology.

Our growing team of developers work persistently to refine our services and create better products for Call 48 and our wholesale partners. Developing our toolset in-house means we have ultimate control over how they work. You will never hear us say “we’ll need to open a ticket with our switch vendor”… because we are the vendor, architect and developer of every service and product we provide our customers.

Along with our wholesale SIP Trunking services, Call 48 offers flexibility to accommodate many billing formats, including LRN, LATA/OCN, fixed price, cost plus or customize a plan to your specific needs. We can also bill jurisdictionally to either interstate, intrastate or local, as well as non-jurisdictionally. Rates changes are infrequent and custom pricing is available based on targets and volumes.

We understands what is important to you – Quality, ASR and cost – and we deliver. The biggest LEC’s and IXC’s in the world already trust Call 48 with their traffic. Take the time to find out what we are about and benefit from our experience. Contact a member of the Call 48 wholesale team today to take advantage of our competitive pricing.