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Volume Wholesale Call 48 VoIP Opportunities

Wholesale VoIP With Call 48

With the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic causing everyone to modify how they conduct their business with many turning to their phones, there is no shortage of VoIP opportunities. But to become a VoIP wholesaler, you need the right provider to give you the carrier services you need at the volumes you demand and that’s why you choose Call 48. Our premiere volume partners receive wholesale discounts on their origination, termination and other services as the sheer numbers of minutes their customers use warrant it.

Big Opportunities from Small Businesses
No longer reserved for deep-pocketed enterprises, VoIP solutions are now becoming increasingly user-friendly and cost-effective for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Prospective VoIP wholesalers would be wise to reach out to these potential customers, as the number of minutes used by these organizations are also on the rise. They have different needs for their businesses and they’re looking for ways to improve productivity.

Call 48 wholesale agents are reaching out to businesses and seeing the volume of minutes used rising from toll free and carrier services to SIP services. We’re proud to help these wholesalers and feel that their success is our success as well.

The VoIP industry just took a giant leap forward due to the pandemic. Companies who never would have tried VoIP services are now demanding them and as competition heats up, and PBX prices decline, many are seeking new ways to win customers — and revenue.

To find out more if you quality for Call 48 wholesale status, contact a member of our wholesale team today and learn about our competitive wholesale rates.