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VoIP Portal is the Call 48 CPaaS Enabled Customer Platform

CPaaS is a cloud-based platform provided by Call 48 through our cutting edge technology platform, VoIP Portal. This state of the art customer platform enables our wholesale, reseller, and private label customers to add real-time communications features into their own applications without the need to pay for or build backend infrastructure and interfaces. With VoIP Portal as your CPaaS enabled service you can easily add voice, messaging and video applications to your communications stack.

With Call 48 CPaaS enabled services, we provide APIs with which developers can build applications utilizing communications services or add communication services to an existing application or system. Everything you need to act as a phone carrier can be accomplished with VoIP Portal which can control everything in real-time or be controlled by an API.

As a CPaaS enabled provider, we give you the ability to use cloud technology to grant companies of any size to easily and more reliably develop and embed communication features. Development teams using CPaaS will experience huge cost savings on human resources, infrastructure, as well as time to market.

Revolutionize the way that you provide your customers with voice, messaging and video services. Contact the Call 48 CPaaS department today for a free demo of VoIP Portal and what it can do for you.