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VoIP Industry Trend is Consolidation of Carrier Services

In today’s telecom industry there is a tremendous amount of regulatory trends. With the implementation of the FCC’s stir shaken compliance, they are cracking down on spam calls, robo calls, and fraudulent calls. The root of this compliance is origination and termination services needing to be handled by the same carrier. And Call 48 has risen to the challenge.

There is consolidation as a result of this trend. Providers are wanting to do more services with less vendors. As opposed to having to go to up to a dozen different carriers for their needs, they are bringing their business to Call 48 to certify their calls. This way the providers know and trust us and we know and trust them.

What makes us attractive is the size of our origination footprint. With complete coverage of the United States from over 180 LATAs and 13,000 rate centers, providers know we have the DIDs, toll free and origination they need, making the termination easy.

When you have a network and footprint like Call 48 at your disposal, you can spend more than 90% of the country on net with us. Then we cover the rest of the country via an off net addition to our network.

The benefit to moving origination service to Call 48 is doing business with a massive network that’s highly redundant, secure, and stable along with a large suite of products. Add to that our competitive if not industry leading pricing and you have the place where you can complete all your carrier service needs.

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