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VoIP Flexibility Through CPaaS Customer Portal

For VoIP wholesale, reseller and private label customers seeking full flexibility, Call 48 offers a state of the art CPaaS enabled customer platform called VoIP Portal. By utilizing it’s power, Call 48 makes it simple to manage origination VoIP services and DIDs with the click of a button.

Full of intuitive features and enhanced by robust APIs, this fourth generation customer interface makes Call 48 favored by VoIP customers across all sectors for its ease of use, complete scalability and API capabilities.

Call 48’s CPaaS enabled VoIP Portal offers an intuitive and responsive interface, providing customers real time ability to purchase and control DIDs as well as their provisioning, porting and pointing them to phone systems. 

All of the capabilities including customizing routing options and reviewing invoices are easily controlled in real time by the VoIP Portal or an API to control the portal. From DIDs and SMS to transcriptions and text to speech, Call 48 can link everything to customer websites, their CRMs or their own customer portals. 

Combine this CPaaS power to purchase, port and provision DIDS with our inventory of almost 15,000,000 DID phone numbers available across the United States from over 15,000 rate centers and more than 180 LATAs to feel the full force of our coverage. PRovisioning has never been easier with an unmatchable U.S. footprint.

As CPaaS has become one of the most valuable tools in VoIP, we have positioned Call 48 to have the epitome of flexibility for organizations looking to add new functionality to their communication.

Take advantage of all that Call 48 has to offer with these CPaaS capabilities. Contact a member of the CPaaS team today for a free demo of VoIP Portal.