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VoIP CPaaS Solutions For Instant Flexibility

The term CPaaS stands for Communications Platform as a Service and it takes the hours you spend building a portal and the money it takes to develop a platform out of the equation. At Call 48 we implement CPaaS through our state of the art customer platform called VoIP Portal. This cloud based communication platform allows developers to integrate real time communication features such as messaging, voice and video into their applications. 

Our CPaaS platform is known for its awesome flexibility, seamless integration with additional software and its simple, user-friendly interface. The Call 48 VoIP Portal offers amazing voice and messaging capabilities with a highly intuitive web interface. It is a platform is filled with a wide variety of helpful tools and APIs, making it the private label CPaaS platform that goes above and beyond.

With the CPaaS power of VoIP Portal, you can control DIDs completely with purchasing, porting, provisioning and pointing them to customers and phone systems. With Call 48 you can provide customizable and flexible billing, documentation and UI. In addition everything can be linked to your CRMs or your own customer portals or websites. Everything from 911 to 411 can be controlled with VoIP Portal or via API to it. We make it easy for you to act as a complete phone carrier without actually having to be a phone carrier. 

Every business communicates differently. Each of Call 48’s customers communicates differently with their customers. Because we recognize the need for individuality, Call 48 offers a highly scalable and customizable collection of communications capabilities that integrate with the organization’s apps, products, and services. Say hello to the future with CPaaS!

Call 48 offers our customers the state-of-the-art CPaaS technology that delivers the flexibility and capabilities that they need. Contact our CPaaS department now for a free demo of VoIP Portal and see how it can revolutionize your business.