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Upgrade to Wholesale VoIP Services

As a carrier of wholesale VoIP services and solutions, Call 48 is often approached by resellers doing a large business for our exclusive rates. Let us explain the fundamental difference between what it means to be a VoIP reseller and what it takes to become a Call 48 wholesale customer.

Like many other businesses, the goal of the VoIP reseller is to make money. This means setting proper margins for the cutting edge services that you are offering your customers. But regardless of the size of your business, what really separates a reseller from a wholesale customer is actually the equipment. 

The crux of what pushes someone to become a Call 48 wholesale customer is they have their own equipment. This means a wholesale customer has and manages all their own infrastructure, builds their own colocation, owns their own networking gear, configures their own switching, offers customers their own support, and handles their own billing. What they need are the carrier services that Call 48 provides.

Call 48 offers wholesale customers with far less expensive pricing than a regular provider can. With volume barriers hit, pricing levels continue to drop so customers can pick and choose the services they wish off an a la carte menu. 

Because wholesale customers own their own equipment, they have more control over what they do with it. This means they can offer the services they want with the complete customization that they choose. And don’t forget about purchasing services at far less expensive rate making aggregating faster and making more money easier.