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The Easiest VoIP Bill with One Tier Origination

Resellers sick and tired of dealing with dozens of tiers for your VoIP origination pricing. How many tiers is too many when it comes to billing your VoIP customers? Three? Five? Twenty? 

At Call 48 we want to give our resellers ease of use when it comes to creating a bill for their customers. The resellers spoke and we listened. One told us that before they switched to Call 48, their minutes got filed into more than 27(!) different pricing categories. They told us billing for them every month was a nightmare and wished there was a way to simplify. So we did!

In fact, we were so confused by convoluted price brackets and differentiations that we did away with it all together. Yes, you heard that right.

ONE TIER of pricing. For the ENTIRE United States.

Make your reseller life simple with Call 48 one tier of pricing. That means there is one price for United States DID’s with your choice of either metered rates with UNLIMITED channels or channel-based pricing with UNLIMITED usage with US origination metered pricing at $0.0029 per minute or US origination channel rates at $5.00 per channel.

One reason resellers get customers to switch to VoIP is because the phone bill was supposed to be less complicated than the regular landline carriers. And at Call 48, we believe that your phone bill should be completely straight forward. Your bill shouldn’t be pages long and so difficult to understand that you start fielding calls from your customers about what they are seeing.

You will never have a bill you do not understand again! When Call 48 is providing your North American origination usage, you can say goodbye to complicated bills to your customers. Our resellers report easy understanding of both their bill, and the ease of billing their customers as well. 

That is why at Call 48, we made it easy for you. And for your customers. If you make a call, it’s billed at one rate. It doesn’t matter if you are calling a big city like New York or Los Angeles and it doesn’t matter if you are calling a farm in Iowa. It’s one price.

When Call 48 is providing your North American origination usage, you can say goodbye to those multiple pricing tiers. Why should you have a difficult bill or wonder what tier your customer calls are going to be billed at? Stop worrying and wondering! Contact Call 48 today and learn more about one tier pricing structure for your carrier service needs.