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Call 48 Offers Fully Branded Complete Private Label Opportunity

On top of our suite of complete wholesale VoIP products and services, Call 48 offers our customers the ability fully brand under their own private label. By branding your own company under Call 48, wholesale providers can offer reliable, high-quality as well as high-speed IP telephony solutions to the end-users, under their own brand names and labels.

Our wholesale customers can increase their customer retention rate when they are under their private label umbrella. We offer a full suite of unified communications, VoIP services and products. Our private label VoIP wholesale programs provide features such as voice mails, call waiting, call conferencing, call forwarding and inbound caller ID, which are very much in demand in the residential market. With the advanced features such as voicemail, emails, conference calls and other multilingual operations, these services can serve the needs of large corporates as well.

Call 48 wholesale private label VoIP delivers the opportunity to choose a full range of VoIP services such as business dial-access, private leased lines, high capacity connectivity and other value-added applications. These benefits make Call 48 private label wholesale VoIP services all the more lucrative among different categories of users.

The end-users or customers can use the services of providers of Call 48 private label VoIP service without having detailed technical know-how. End-users just need to install a software and avail high-speed Internet connections, as hardware equipment are offered by the providers. Once all these are in place, the users can enjoy low cost calling at local and international regions.

Are you ready to build your branded VoIP company? Contact a Call 48 team member now for a free demo of our VoIP platform to get started!