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Call 48 Wholesale DID Origination in USA and Canada

As a leading wholesale long distance carrier for North America, Call 48 makes it easy for our customers to expand their digital footprint. Now you can leverage the power of Call 48’s extensive North American carrier relationships to order or port DID numbers in any one of more than 1,000 cities throughout Canada and the USA.

We deliver high-quality voice traffic over our VoIP network, across the continent, and around the world, specializing in North America. Our CPaaS enabled customer platform VoIP Portal allows you to easily purchase, port, provision and point DIDs in real time with only a few keystrokes. Say goodbye to the overheads associated with managing costly PRI networks and multi-carrier order processes. We deliver PSTN-originated calls on a single trunk group to your network point of interconnection for termination.

Call 48 Wholesale DID Origination Options

Flat Rate per DS0 Channel: For Carriers, resellers, and VoIP providers who have predictable call volumes or an established customer base and want a fixed monthly cost for origination.

Per Minute Pricing: For up and coming ASPs or VoIP Providers that require DID origination functionality and want more flexibility while building capacity in new markets.

Call 48 Origination Key Features

Local Number Origination – provides a 10-digit local phone number in one of more than 650 markets throughout Canada and the USA.
DID Order Management – port existing or order new DID numbers from multiple carriers.
Choice of Pricing Models – flat rate per channel or by-the-minute pricing.
Dedicated Trunk Group – aggregates traffic on a single trunk group for delivery to your switch.

Start your Call 48 United States and Canada Origination services started right now! Contact a member of the Call 48 origination team today to expand your digital footprint and learn more about how we can help you increase your VoIP business profits with our origination and DID services and earn you more money.

VoIP Portal is the Call 48 CPaaS Enabled Customer Platform

CPaaS is a cloud-based platform provided by Call 48 through our cutting edge technology platform, VoIP Portal. This state of the art customer platform enables our wholesale, reseller, and private label customers to add real-time communications features into their own applications without the need to pay for or build backend infrastructure and interfaces. With VoIP Portal as your CPaaS enabled service you can easily add voice, messaging and video applications to your communications stack.

With Call 48 CPaaS enabled services, we provide APIs with which developers can build applications utilizing communications services or add communication services to an existing application or system. Everything you need to act as a phone carrier can be accomplished with VoIP Portal which can control everything in real-time or be controlled by an API.

As a CPaaS enabled provider, we give you the ability to use cloud technology to grant companies of any size to easily and more reliably develop and embed communication features. Development teams using CPaaS will experience huge cost savings on human resources, infrastructure, as well as time to market.

Revolutionize the way that you provide your customers with voice, messaging and video services. Contact the Call 48 CPaaS department today for a free demo of VoIP Portal and what it can do for you.

Call 48 Competitive Wholesale VoIP Carrier Services and Solutions

Why sell huge numbers to your customers at reseller pricing? Call 48 offers wholesale pricing to resellers who understand the commitment to customers and sales needed to a carrier to become a wholesale provider. When you own your own switching equipment you can take full advantage of our wholesale pricing with a full suite of carrier services and solutions. 

With the largest footprint in North America, wholesale customers can take advantage of our CPaaS enabled services with over 15,000,000 DIDs available both on net and off net from over 13,000 rate centers.

Call 48 offers carrier grade carrier services at wholesale pricing including:

Complete Carrier Services

Call 48 sets no limits limit to what you can offer your clients. A deal that’s origination only — even if it’s just $5 for a 500 minute origination DID — is not a good deal. Call 48 offers both origination and termination, as well as a suite of other carrier services including toll free for our wholesale agents. 

Global Coverage

Don’t feel limited by your geography. Call 48 allows you and your customers to make calls anywhere on the globe. It doesn’t matter where your customers are calling, we offer DIDs from more than 120 different countries.

Fully Branded Solutions

Need a private label solution? Take advantage of our fully branded private label VoIP services, where your customers know you, not us. Unlike other providers, at Call 48 is not out to poach your customers or profits. 

Support, Support, Support

We cannot state it any clearer: Call 48 provides support to our wholesalers. Call 48 offers billing support 24/7. If there is a question, we will answer it.

Take a free demo of our CPaaS enabled services today and get started today as a Call 48 wholesale agent. Contact us now and we will help you grow your VoIP wholesale business, increase your profits, and make you money while saving your customers money.

Call 48 CPaaS Cloud-Based Solutions

Call 48 CPaaS solutions were already a standout with our wholesale customers and resellers who wanted real-time control of their clients accounts. With access via our state of the art VoIP Portal 4.0, customers were already enjoying the ability to make changes as they saw fit. And then the pandemic hit…

Our CPaaS solutions were already requested but there was rabid demand in 2020 motivated by the instant need of remote working. Where there was already an increase in volume of CPaaS service as companies were moving away from on-premise phone systems to cloud based ones, Call 48 saw a surge in CPaaS requests from our customers. 

With employees now working from home, Call 48 customers could have all of their office DIDs rerouted from their desk phone to mobile ones or their home phones. With two choices—either use your personal phone and have that number out or use a Call 48 DID number that remained private—there was a dramatic increase.

The Call 48 VoIP Portal gives you complete CPaaS access to everything a wholesale or reseller could want or need to be in the telecom world. From DIDs to SMS, from voicemail transcriptions to text to speech, it’s all available and fully controllable in real time by either the portal or an API to control the portal. We make it simple to give different permissions out to different employees at a moment’s notice so a company can handle who needs access to what.

If a Call 48 customer needs access to more DIDs, they have access in real time. It’s as simple as clicking on buy a local number and within seconds to phone numbers in whatever state, rate center and NPA they are looking for both on net and off net. And Call 48 has the largest United States footprint with over 15,000,000 on net and off net numbers in inventory from more than 13,000 rate centers.

The pandemic completely transformed consumer behavior. As a result, businesses  had to quickly figure out how to get closer to their employees and customers in this new reality. Take advantage of Call 48 CPaaS capabilities via our VoIP Portal for your customers. Contact us to find out how our CPaaS solutions can work for you.

Wholesale VoIP Discounted Carrier Service Rates

Wholesale VoIP resellers see reduced costs, improved reliability and transformative ways to communicates with Call 48. As a premier CPAAS provider Call 48 wholesale carrier services are best suited for business that own their own switching equipment and either have a large volume of VoIP minutes, hold a large inventory of phone numbers, or whose system require large channel capacities. 

Explore even lower VoIP rates with discounts based on volume for wholesale customer. Once you have reached a certain threshold of traffic in either minutes or costs, you can qualify as a Call 48 wholesale customer. Plus the more you buy, the more you will save. 

Call 48 also provides greater technical and business flexibility allowing you to aggregate your traffic wholesale VoIP minutes, burst in channels or concurrent calls, or resell these solutions. 

When it comes to rate costs, you can choose your preference of whether or not you would prefer a flat rate or our rate deck service. If you have an advanced VoIP platform with an LCR, and can keep track of your usage, we typically recommend our highly competitive rate deck. However, if you would rather not deal with the complexities of having to keep track of your rates and usage, a flat rate service may be best.

Contact us now for our list of rate decks and a free demo of our wholesale VoIP carrier services for businesses like yours. We are eager to show you how much money we can make our wholesale customers.

Turnkey Wholesale VoIP Services and Solutions from Call 48

With your own switching equipment, you can take advantage of the Call 48 wholesale rates for United States domestic and international calling. With our turnkey VoIP services and solutions, our ever-expanding variety of call features are in demand from wholesale agents for a variety of business types. 

As a premier CPAAS provider, you can take advantage of our fully integrated wholesale program, with higher commissions, generous discounts, low calling rates, a variety of hardware, and the most advanced management web tools and support available.

For more than a decade, Call 48 has built a complete line of solutions that allow you to increase your revenue streams, diversify your suite of VoIP product offerings, and differentiate yourself from your competitors. With our turnkey VoIP solutions and services address all types of Internet connections and network connectivity issues in countries around the world, keeping you ahead in the technology game.

Call 48 offers a world of innovation for wholesalers integrating our complete suite of VoIp products. Benefits of our wholesale program include:

* Discounted wholesale rates plus high commissions

* Advanced management tools

* Real time billing software

* Private label opportunities with fully branded end user interface

* Wide variety of VoIP hardware

* 24/7 Support

Take a free demo of our wholesale platform and see what could be at your disposal.

Call 48 Wholesale VoIP Carrier Service Offerings

Call 48 offers a complete selection of wholesale VoIP carrier services. You won’t find a more complete product suite of turnkey VoIP services than those offered by Call 48. Our DID pricing starts at $0.15 per DID and inbound service from over 13,000 rate centers in the North America and more than 120 countries worldwide with more added every day!

The V1 VoIP wholesale carrier services portfolio includes the following products and services:

Origination and DID Services

Hosted through Tier 1 partners providing Call 48 with one of the most reliable and extensive footprints in the industry. Origination services also include:

  • DIDs – Call 48 offers more than 15,000,000 DIDs from more than 13,000 rate centers from over 70 countries worldwide.
  • Local Number Porting (LNP) – providing the ability to transfer phone services from the existing service provider to V1 VoIP in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Enhanced 911 (E911) – FCC approved emergency service for VoIP providers.
  • Enhanced 411 (E411) – Nationwide directory assistance.

Toll Free Origination Services

Toll free phone numbers with the ability to restrict or allow access anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Call 48 also provides toll free number porting services (RESPORGs), enabling transfers from the existing provider of toll free services to Call 48.

SMS Solutions

One–way SMS notifications worldwide and two–way with SMS–enabled DIDs (long codes) in the U.S. and Canada. SMS services are delivered through our Web–service API. Minimum monthly usage is 10,000 texts.

Short Call Service

The short call service is a highly competitive offering geared towards outbound call centers and resellers and agents that cater to call center traffic. Wholesale customers that have their own switches can purchase Call 48 SIP Trunks with the desired number of concurrent calls and simply sign a wholesale agreement to get started. Pricing options include a flat rate per minute and an NPA/NXX option, which offers different rates for every rate center to terminate calls. The second option caters primarily to resellers interested in offering this service to their call center clients.

Contact the Call 48 wholesale team now to take advantage of our wholesale VoIP carrier service offerings.

Call 48 Provides Wholesale Vanity Phone Numbers

Call 48 vanity toll free phone numbers provide wholesale business customers with name recognition, marketing boost and branding opportunity

Do customers remember your name?

Now more than ever, brand recognition is a challenge in an ever increasingly crowded marketplace. But when your existing and potential customers know your phone number by heart with a Call 48 vanity number you won’t have to worry about jockeying for memory position.

A vanity telephone number that’s used with a business phone system can play a strong role in reinforcing the brand association with a company’s product, service or even just its name. Popular mainstream numbers include GOT-JUNK and FLOWERS.

What if one of your customers has a name that is shorter than seven letters, do not worry. There are ways to create a memorable vanity number with phrases and keywords. For example, abbreviations and/or descriptive nouns and adjectives can expand or truncate a vanity number’s length. If your company name is WINE, your phone number could be 1-800-LUV-WINE. These tactics apply to businesses without name recognition as well, those that need catchy vanity numbers to reflect their offerings instead. Such strategies work in numerous other settings, including web addresses, domains and hashtags.

A good, memorable phone number is such a valuable asset. And Call 48 can provide our wholesale clients with the vanity phone numbers their business customers are looking for. Add some instant recognition with a Call 48 vanity phone number. Contact Call 48 for vanity number availability today!

Call 48 Quality Wholesale Termination Services

Call 48 provides wholesale termination carrier services with a combination of an industry leading platform, a global interconnected network and unique international retail distribution. Connect to a Tier 1 network in more than 150 countries with capacity for billions of VoIP minutes per month. Call 48 allows you to choose how to manage your wholesale termination service to maximize your profits.

When it comes to wholesale VoIP termination carrier services, having Call 48 as your provider makes life easy. Our state of the art back-end VoIP Portal combined with our CPAAS capabilities gives you everything you need for real time control.

With Call 48 at your side, you can efficiently manage your voice termination business. Call 48 offers top quality wholesale VoIP termination carrier services for you and your customers.

Do you need prepaid wholesale VoIP termination? With Call 48 there are no endless forms to fill out, just immediate access to a full service portal, so you can start terminating your wholesale minutes instantly.

Call 48 is a premier carrier of wholesale voice termination in the world, with over 40 billion minutes terminated per year. With 571 direct interconnects and industry leading A-Z rates, it makes sense that companies looking to enter the wholesale termination business would choose Call 48.

Sign-up for a FREE Call 48 wholesale termination test account and see for yourself how quickly our wholesale VoIP can work for you. The free trial account can be switched over to a complete wholesale termination service and be up-and-running within an hour. Contact a member of the Call 48 wholesale team today and test out our amazing service.

Easy Wholesale VoIP Origination Services

It is so easy to build physical Points of Presence (POPs) in different geographic markets markets with Call 48 wholesale VoIP origination services. Now you can receive incoming calls from new customers in those areas who can facilitate your business growth.

Call 48 wholesale origination solutions are perfect for for providers of VoIP services that want to receive local telephone calls from customers at one or multiple remote markets without having to maintain offices in those markets. Call 48 provides reliable wholesale VoIP services and CPAAS capabilities over our own Tier 1 multi-terabit IPand transport networks.

It is so easy to get started with Call 48 wholesale DIDs:

  1. Start by ordering the phone numbers you need for your given market. You can order as many as 500 DIDs at one time.
  2. Provision these DIDs easily using our proprietary and state of the art backend system called VoIP Portal.
  3. The calls will be routed over our VoIP network.
  4. Watch as the DID phone numbers perform the same as local telephone numbers.

Just a few benefits of Call 48 wholesale origination services and solutions:

  • customers keep their local telephone numbers
  • reduce costs for toll free number usage
  • enjoy the predictability of monthly pricing usage
  • build a physical POP without any new capital expenses

Call 48 wholesale origination carriers receive all these benefits plus:

  • Reduce and control costs
  • Reliable interconnections
  • SIP Dedicated Internet Access into our IP network
  • SIP public Internet or “bring your own” Internet access

Contact a member of the V1 VoIP wholesale team today to find out more about our wholesale origination services and solutions and to see if you qualify.