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Call 48 Explains What a SIP Address Is and How to Get One

If you are new to SIP reselling then you may not know you have a SIP address. Here Call 48 explains what a SIP address is, where to find it and what it does. SIP or Session Initiation Protocol is used to initiate or terminate live communication sessions from phone calls to instant messaging. 

A SIP address is similar to an email address as it serves as a locator of the user and even looks like an email address. Like email addresses, they are comprised of two parts: a username, and a domain. For example, if your name was Sam, you might have the following identical SIP and email addresses: Sam@voipreseller.com and sip:Sam@voipreseller.com. Your SIP address allows you to participate in SIP based communication over the Internet. 

What makes SIP address even more powerful is that it is personal like an email address. While a telephone number is registered to a specific device, a SIP address follows the person it belongs to. This gives SIP users access to new features that standard landline telephone services simply do not offer. With the increasing prevalence of VoIP in the corporate and consumer markets comes the gradual migration from the use of telephone numbers to the use of SIP addresses.

The easiest way to obtain a SIP address is by creating an account with an online service. Like creating an email account with Google or Yahoo, you will be provided with an address (i.e. yourname@gmail.com). However, your SIP service provider may allow you to create SIP addresses within your own domain as well (i.e. me@thisisme.com). Call 48 allows customers to use the registered domain name of their companies to create SIP addresses free of charge.

Those using standard telephones can reach you on your SIP address, all you need is a regular telephone number which forwards to your address. If you want to call people who are using regular telephones, your SIP service needs the ability to call out to regular telephone numbers, and Call 48 can provide you with one or both of these services.

Want a SIP address? Contact Call 48 to obtain yours today!

SIP DID Origination Phone Numbers

With Call 48’s SIP DID virtual phone numbers, the costs are just a fraction of the cost of standard analog or digital lines. With origination and SIP DID service, you are able to receive incoming calls and enjoy premium voice quality.

Our origination DID service is not only convenient, it is inexpensive. There is no reason for concern as to where you are located, as Call 48 delivers calls using SIP trunk anywhere in the world. This opens the doors to businesses to get local access numbers to their customers at an incredibly low price. And, with no minimum wait time or further dependency provided that your company has access to Internet connection.

Call 48 users can expect to spend under $50 for 200 DIDs a month, which certainly is a savings in comparison to many companies that offer this service. The cost savings and quality of Call 48 VoIP services and solutions are amazing and the features  offered are outstanding. The cost savings is a definite plus with users able to save up to 75 percent annually. 

For the business that is in search of SIP Trunks and VoIP origination services, Call 48 is definitely a service that can provide you an optimal experience with exceptional value and outstanding customer service. Contact a Call 48 DID team member now to purchase voip origination and SIP DIDs.

SIP Based VoIP Origination Carrier Services

With our SIP-based platform, Call 48 gives resellers access to a reliable, nationwide footprint and the ability to receive inbound calls from the PSTN via IP to delivering calls their end users across the country from a single interconnect.

As a premier CPAAS provider, Call 48 offers state of the art SIP origination services and soluations, a call delivery may be switched to a different location (such as IP PBX) at a moment’s notice. This makes it ideal for business organizations with employees in multiple locations or virtual offices created where the appearance of physical presence within a specific market can be established.

Call 48 resellers receive the power of state of the art technology combined with simplicity of ease of use. Call 48 resellers gain access to origination service features include:

* Competitive domestic outbound pricing

* International calling price packages and full call barring capabilities

* Simple, fully-featured end-user administration web portal and XML API

* Simple pricing structure: concurrent sessions + usage MRCs

* Concurrent user-session limits

* Robust reporting

Call 48 resellers receive direct access to provision DIDs and features on our proprietary VoIP Portal platform in real time. This means that with a little API development on the customer’s side, end users can soon be ordering their DID phone numbers, managing the features they wish to use and account on our administration servers without any of the customer service swivel chair common with other providers.

Our SIP based origination carrier services enables providers with local DID numbers and inbound call sessions for their end users, giving extreme flexibility.

The Call 48 origination carrier service network is geo-redundant offering all of our customers, both new and established, access to a world class network. Contact a member of the Call 48 origination team today to add our service to your portfolio of products.