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Call 48 Offers VoIP Reseller and Private Label Reseller Options

Call 48 can make your financial dreams a reality. By reselling our services and solutions you can take steps toward financial independence. Call 48 provides several different options for new VoIP resellers in the market place that will allow you to hit the ground running.

Think of being a Call 48 reseller like being an independent sales agent for your own company. You work for your yourself, create your own hours, work as much as you want. You pick and choose what services and solutions you would like to offer customers because you have also chosen who your target audience is. 

Are you focusing on reselling to businesses? Fantastic! Select phone numbers from the largest North American footprint with more than 15,000,000 DIDs at your fingertips from more than 13,000 rate centers. Offer cloud hosted PBX services and SIP trunking solutions for features like conference bridging, virtual assistants, and virtual toll free phone numbers. We make it simple to provision all of this in real time with our easy to use reseller platform called VoIP Portal, which gives you CPaaS enabled solutions to act as a phone carrier as soon as you get started as a Call 48 reseller.

How Call 48 VoIP Resellers Make Money

Call 48 resellers set their own profit margins, so the amount that you can make is never limited. If you pay $0.15 for a phone number from us and want to offer it $5 you can. If a service costs $10 and you want to sell it for $15 do so. Think you can get $20 for it from certain customers? Go for it!

Regardless of who you decide to sell VoIP services to and what price you set those services at, by becoming a Call 48 reseller we make it so all you have to do is focus on sales. We handle all the technology stuff, so all you have to do is sell. Armed with a little bit of knowledge about who your customers are and what they want, you’ll be able to speak to them about what they are looking for and offer it from Call 48. Plus you will probably be saving them money in the process.

Call 48 Private Label Resellers

Private label resellers are the exact same as Call 48 resellers with one main difference: you can work under your own brand heading. Let’s explain: 

As a private label your customers see your company name, your own logo, they get a bill with your own insignia and they don’t know that you are private labeling our services. You can position yourself as a premium VoIP company (you are, after all, reselling the services of one!), with ease. You don’t ever have to advertise that you are private labeling our services and more importantly, you don’t have to invest in our infrastructure. In the case of V1 VoIP, unlike our competitors, every white label service, solution and product is built to the highest standards.

You are reading this because you have made the decision to enter the world of selling VoIP. Now make the decision to resell V1 VoIP! Contact us today to get started!

Why Resellers Love Our Turnkey VoIP Cloud-Based Services

The pandemic changed the way everyone did business. But in terms of speed, the only thing it did was make everyone move faster. That’s why Call 48 provides resellers with turnkey cloud-based services for their customers. 

When high-tech VoIP services came down in price it leveled the playing field for businesses of all sizes. Those who needed the push to switch to VoIP services got a real shove when COVID made workforce’s go mobile. 

Cloud-based VoIP services will not only save customers money they will make resellers money. Call 48 offers cloud-based service plans as well as flat rate fees. And because information is stored in a virtual Cloud, again, business owners don’t have to be concerned about managing any hardware equipment, which is going to save them both time and money.

The ability to route and even redirect a phone call is now an option. Businesses keep their current phone numbers, so their office phone will ring regardless of where they are. And when it comes a mobile workforce, if a business moves from one location to another, a cloud based phone system is much easier when it comes to transferring a phone system to a new location.

Don’t miss out on turnkey cloud-based VoIP services and solutions for your customers. Contact Call 48 today to learn more about how you can make money with the cloud.

How VoIP Resellers Target Millennial Customers with Services

Millennials are always current on the latest technology. They don’t remember home landline phones tethered to walls on long cords. They barely remember a world without social media. Millennials are the perfect customers for high tech VoIP services, especially when their parents are not quick to change it. Here Call 48 explains how to market to them. 

While millennials are always excited to jump on the latest and greatest tech, getting them on the phone is a different matter. This generation is fond of text messaging and in lieu of talking on the phone. So cold calling them is out. Instead the millennial generation like to do their own research and then reach out on their own terms. So how do you make them aware of VoIP technology?

To target millennials with VoIP, think outside the phone!

As stated above, the easiest way to attract the millennial crowd is with text messaging and social media platforms. Whether that’s Instagram, Snapchat, SMS, email, live chat, or LinkedIn, millenials do business differently than the older clientele on an outdated phone system. But they are receptive to what’s hot in technology and makes them a perfect target audience for resellers.

For Call 48 resellers, see which platforms your prospects feel the most comfortable communicating on, and then reach out that way. Comment on a LinkedIn post, or respond to a question posted on a public forum. These activities and chats can all lead to a phone call down the road, and a phone call can lead to a deal. There’s no reason to compartmentalize these varying communications platforms. All of them are at your disposal to contact millenial customers, and the savvy salesperson will know how to use each to his or her advantage.

For the latest services and solutions that millennials will need, contact Call 48 today.

How Resellers Determine How Many VoIP Lines a Business Needs

Call 48 VoIP resellers are often asked by customers, “How many phone lines do I need?” When hear ‘phone line’ you think of traditional landline phone systems where a line is a physical wire in the wall with it’s own phone number that allows each phone to receive inbound/outbound calls. But with everyone switching to VoIP service, using the internet means you need to think outside the wires when it comes to phone lines.

A ‘phone line’ means many different things depending on the context. In most cases, you’ll be referring to the number of phone numbers your organization needs. The other interpretations refer to details like the number of registrations per user and the number of simultaneous calls per phone number.

So when a customer asks how many phone lines their office needs, the answer depends largely on how the word ‘line’ is actually being used. Here are some examples:

1. Line Means Number of Employees 

Example: We have 10 employees, therefore we need 10 lines.

This scenario is common with those first making the switch from traditional landline to VoIP telecom services. Here lines means the number of ‘users’ or ‘seats’, where each user has a phone, a phone number and a unique extension, with the option of additional features like a voicemail box, call forwarding, and music on hold.

2. Line Means Number of Phones 

Example: We have 10 cubicles, 3 per cubicle, so we need 30 lines.

Some refer to ‘lines’ as the number of physical phones they need. This is common for facilities where phones are allocated per location or room, and not instead of per person. Employees who frequently travel between offices may also have a desk phone at each location. In this case, the number of devices is greater than the number of users.

3. Line Means Number of Simultaneous Inbound/Outbound Calls 

Example: We need ten people to be on the phone at one time.

Sometimes people use ‘lines’ to refer to the number of inbound/outbound calls an organization can take at one time. The maximum amount of simultaneous calls matters very much to call centers, support/sales queues, and other high volume call operations, who tend to view ‘lines’ from a simultaneous calls perspective.

Call 48 VoIP carrier services allows for a high or unlimited number of simultaneous calls per phone number and multiple registrations per user which means you’ll be paying for fewer phone numbers and users. Depending on your call traffic, you may only need one phone number. Contact Call 48 today so we can get you set up with the amount of phone lines you need.

Turnkey Private Label VoIP Services

Call 48 offers private label resellers a turnkey solution to getting into VoIP business. With our reliable telecommunications platform, unique services, and competitive pricing, you can completely brand all of our VoIP services and focus on growing your business. The Call 48 private label reseller program offers complete turnkey solutions full of features you need to be successful in the competitive VoIP field. 

As a reseller we know the importance of having the ability to creat sub-resellers with complete automation and that’s why we created our back end VoIP Portal. Here you gain access to on-line account management and are able to set terms and assign clients numbers in real time.

We make it easy for resellers to assign and modify multiple retail rates for various customer groups, and customized sub-reseller wholesale rates for each sub-reseller account. With access to daily wholesale and retail productions, call detail records (CDR) and the ability to view payment history, we give you the ability to focus on selling because everything else is taken care of. 

The Call 48 private label reseller team is waiting for you to contact them. We can help you launch your business under your own brand today.