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Call 48 Masters of Origination and DID Services

At Cal 48 we don’t want to just offer origination services, we want to be masters of origination services. And we have made it our mission to be the best. Origination service is much more than where a call is originated from. It also includes the DID phone number where the call originated from and also includes toll free service. With Call 48 as your origination provider, you can eliminate the huge costs associated with building a physical POP. We have taken on all the capital expenses for you.

With one of the largest DID origination footprints in the United States, if you need a phone number, Call 48 has it. As a wholesale customer or reseller of Call 48, you can order as many phone numbers as you need for any given market. After purchasing your DIDs, port and provision them in real time using our CPaaS enabled backend customer platform called VoIP Portal. Incoming calls are routed over our state of the art Tier 1 multi-tear it IP and transport network.

Call 48 origination services and solutions offer features including:

  • Reduced and controled costs
  • Reduced toll free usage
  • Predictable monthly pricing
  • Reliable interconnections
  • BYO internet access

Origination is the easiest way to break into the VoIP industry and the ingredient that can take your business to the next level. Learn more about Call 48’s origination services and what it can do to increase your voice business today by contacting a member of the Call 48 origination team today.

How Call 48 Resellers Find Success

Call 48 only achieves success when our resellers do. That’s why we understand and invest in our resellers success. Successful VoIP resellers are able to showcase certain factors which make them relied upon by their customers for their inbound, origination services. Here are a few reasons that separate Call 48 resellers from everyone else.

Call 48 Low Price Structure

No matter what, customers care about their money. When it comes to offering a low cost price for origination services, resellers won’t be able to find lower than what Call 48 offers, which allows resellers to set prices where they can make the most profits while saving their customers money. We allow resellers to offer both pre-paid or pay-as-you-go plans to their customers. Resellers need only to figure out which payment plan works better for them and their customers.

Clear VoIP Quality

While Call 48 resellers are offering the lowest VoIP origination rates possible, we back these carrier services up with our quality and our redundancy for reliability. Call 48 resellers feel confident knowing their telecom service provider has taken the time and resources to invest in a redundant network with extensive coverage. And speaking of coverage…

Complete Coverage

Call 48 blankets North America with over 15,000,000 on net and off net DIDs from more than 13,000 rate centers and has points of presence in multiple locations. We often surprised by how many resellers come from previous providers who claim to offer global coverage when in fact their network offer offer only limited coverage at best.

Continued Support

Call 48 resellers do not disappear after a sale is made. Great VoIP origination resellers come with support teams that are there for their customers when they are needed.

While these reasons might seem obvious, resellers with customers looking to make the switch to VoIP for their inbound, origination services see them as the four pillars to making a successful sale. At Call 48 our origination carrier services are set up for resellers to succeed. And when our resellers succeed, so do we! Contact a member of the Call 48 team today to learn more about reselling our origination services.

How Resellers Determine How Many VoIP Lines a Business Needs

Call 48 VoIP resellers are often asked by customers, “How many phone lines do I need?” When hear ‘phone line’ you think of traditional landline phone systems where a line is a physical wire in the wall with it’s own phone number that allows each phone to receive inbound/outbound calls. But with everyone switching to VoIP service, using the internet means you need to think outside the wires when it comes to phone lines.

A ‘phone line’ means many different things depending on the context. In most cases, you’ll be referring to the number of phone numbers your organization needs. The other interpretations refer to details like the number of registrations per user and the number of simultaneous calls per phone number.

So when a customer asks how many phone lines their office needs, the answer depends largely on how the word ‘line’ is actually being used. Here are some examples:

1. Line Means Number of Employees 

Example: We have 10 employees, therefore we need 10 lines.

This scenario is common with those first making the switch from traditional landline to VoIP telecom services. Here lines means the number of ‘users’ or ‘seats’, where each user has a phone, a phone number and a unique extension, with the option of additional features like a voicemail box, call forwarding, and music on hold.

2. Line Means Number of Phones 

Example: We have 10 cubicles, 3 per cubicle, so we need 30 lines.

Some refer to ‘lines’ as the number of physical phones they need. This is common for facilities where phones are allocated per location or room, and not instead of per person. Employees who frequently travel between offices may also have a desk phone at each location. In this case, the number of devices is greater than the number of users.

3. Line Means Number of Simultaneous Inbound/Outbound Calls 

Example: We need ten people to be on the phone at one time.

Sometimes people use ‘lines’ to refer to the number of inbound/outbound calls an organization can take at one time. The maximum amount of simultaneous calls matters very much to call centers, support/sales queues, and other high volume call operations, who tend to view ‘lines’ from a simultaneous calls perspective.

Call 48 VoIP carrier services allows for a high or unlimited number of simultaneous calls per phone number and multiple registrations per user which means you’ll be paying for fewer phone numbers and users. Depending on your call traffic, you may only need one phone number. Contact Call 48 today so we can get you set up with the amount of phone lines you need.

One Tier Origination Pricing for Domestic VoIP Resellers

Call 48 provides our resellers with one tier VoIP origination services for anywhere in the United States. As a premier CPAAS provider, we strive to meet all your carrier service needs. Call 48 resellers have the ability to quickly select and provision local Direct Inward Dial (DID) terminated to their VOIP gateways anywhere in the world, diminishing the need to establish multiple points of presence.

If you need VoIP origination services for anywhere in the United States, Call 48 transports PSTN (Land Line) originated local calls from 13,000 rate centers in the USA and 11 major markets in Canada to your softswitch, Gateway, IP PBSX or Asterisk PBX giving us one of the largest North American footprints.

One Tier. One Price.

At Call 48 we believe it’s important to make a reseller’s life easy so they can focus on the business of selling. We accomplish this with one tier of pricing. That means there is one price for United States DID’s with your choice of either metered rates with UNLIMITED Channels or Channel-based pricing with UNLIMITED Usage with US Origination Metered pricing at $0.0029 per Minute or US origination channel rates at $5.00 per Channel.

One tier pricing is complimented by our state-of-the-art back end support portal that allows our VoIP reseller clients access to all of our carrier services including:

• Search by state, rate center, NPA/NXX

• Over 13,000 US rate centers

• Advanced Forwarding to up to 3 local numbers or IP addresses

• Ability to Bulk Update/Changes

• Available In and Outbound CNAM

• Available In and Outbound Fax

• Available Directory Listing

• Per minute income usage based (unlimited channel incoming)

• Toll Free to SIP Origination pricing based on the originating area code

One of the reasons why resellers get into VoIP is because the phone bill was supposed to be less complicated than the regular landline carriers. And at Call 48, we believe that the phone bill your customers receive should be completely straight forward.

Learn more about our one tier United States origination pricing by contacting Call 48  now.

Buy Call 48 Origination Service and DIDs

With numbers coming from over 13,000 rate centers across the U.S., Call 48 DIDs are a fraction of the cost of standard analog or digital lines. With Call 48 origination service, we make it easy to receive incoming calls and enjoy at the highest voice quality.

Whether you are in a big city or in a rural area, there is no reason for concern as to where you are located in the country because Call 48 delivers calls using SIP trunk anywhere in the world. Our convenient origination service opens the doors to businesses to get local access numbers to their customers at an incredibly low price. And, with no minimum wait time or further dependency provided that your company has access to Internet connection.

The Call 48 cost savings is a definite plus with users able to save up to 75 percent annually. The cost savings and quality are amazing and the features that are offered are outstanding.

For the business that is in search of VoIP organization at wholesale pricing, Call 48 can provide you an optimal experience with exceptional value and outstanding customer service. Don’t be fooled by others promising great pricing and service which leave you with long, tiered bills and jitter service. Contact a Call 48 representative now to purchase VoIP origination and DIDs.