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Call 48 Fights Against Capacity Constraints

With the trend of the VoIP industry being providers consolidating their services to fewer carriers, one of the biggest side effects is running into capacity constraints. Call 48 has found the solution to this problem.

For years the industry norm was price compression. But the trend has reversed in many instances with prices going up instead of down. A cause of this shift is because of the additional regulatory oversight overhead for expense purposes along with just shared capacity to pass calls.

So what is capacity constraint? As an example, take LATA 460. If you have 10,000 channels available in that LATA. If you utilize all of them or utilize the calls per second (CPS) capacity, that is a capacity constraint as you are now out of room to make calls. Think of peak usage time when everyone makes phone calls at the same time, you will not have the ability to pass those calls and they will start shedding or failing.

And Call 48 covers more than 180 LATAs.

The Call 48 Capacity Constraint Solution

Call 48 never wants your call to fail. Call 48 is solving the capacity constraint problem by working on additional peering relationships with other vendors which have the footprint where we need additional capacity. Combine this with working with our upstream carriers and underlying carriers, we are continually expanding our capacity.

With one of the largest footprints in the United States, covering more than 175 LATAs and 13,000 rate centers, wholesale, resellers and private label customers come to us to cover a large portion if not all of the country. With a footprint so deep and wide, Call 48 has developed the tools to monitor and track capacity in real time.

Contact a member of the Call 48 origination team today to learn more about how we can fulfill your capacity needs.

VoIP Local Number Porting Made Easy

Do you need a phone number ported? Call 48 has one of the largest Local Number Porting (LNP) services offering around. As a premier CPAAS VoIP provider, Call 48 has approached common LNP issues by automating the process by developing an online signature LOA and incorporating it into our proprietary backend VoIP Portal. The result has been a smoother and faster porting process for customers.

With the VoIP industry growing faster than ever due to the pandemic, many carriers are seeing challenges attempting to process LNP orders. Many carriers are still doing number portability by using handwritten LOA’s and emails. By doing LNP with Call 48’s proprietary backend system, porting a phone number either has become faster and simpler. This means if you are porting one, five, or 1,000 phone numbers you can do so in bulk.

The true strength of Call 48 comes from the size of our footprint. With over 15,000,000 on net and off net DIDs from more than 13,000 rate centers and more every day, we are a true nationwide provider, making our number porting capabilities much easier and faster. We have grown our footprint by aggregating several carriers in order to provide one large ubiquitous network.

Did we mention Call 48 local number porting is FREE…

Do you have numbers which need porting? Contact the porting department at Call 48 or sign up now for our LNP capabilities as well as our rates to do so. We can have your number ported faster than you think.

Call 48 Origination Provides Local Point of Presence

In an ever changing world your business needs to pivot easily. Call 48 makes it easy for you to establish a local point of presence (POP) with our origination services and solutions. Our resellers can tell their customers they are no longer limited to a hard geographical location. With our global footprint enables us to offer local direct inward dialing numbers (DIDs) in more than 120 countries around the world and most major cities across the globe.

With our origination service and solutions, Call 48 resellers can offer geographical and toll free telephone numbers to their customers. Our carrier-grade SIP origination solution delivers local toll free numbers from more than 13,000 rate centers across the globe. Make and receive inbound voice calls and faxes from over 120 countries worldwide while providing your customers -both potential and existing- with the easiest way to contact you.

Call 48 origination carrier service benefits for resellers don’t stop with creating a local POP. Other features include:

  1. The ability to easily create multiple SIP acounts for all your users. Resellers enjoy powerful, easy to use account control panel.
  2. Thanks to Call 48’s purposefully built, highly redundant POP network we offer  expansive origination coverage.
  3. Enjoy crystal clear call quality on our carrier-grade technology.

Thanks to Call 48 SIP origination, our resellers have the option to choose from thousands of telephone numbers currently in stock, giving you lightning-fast setup and deployment. And together with our toll-free numbers option, your company will be all set.

Think you have already explored the full extent of our complete A-Z VoIP termination service? Think again! Contact a member of the Call 48 origination team today and let us surprise you with just how much you get in a single solution.