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Call 48 Announces New VoIP Portal Launch

Call 48 introduces our upgraded VoIP Portal for both wholesale and reseller customers. The new state of the art, proprietary portal makes it even easier for our telecom customers to control their account settings with a cleaner interface.

The new Call 48 VoIP Portal offers more complete and easier control than ever before. With mobile workforce reaching an all time high, the VoIP Portal grants better access to individual employee accounts. With much better access to your employees accounts you can now segregate out what levels of access they have and change them when needed.

With changes to the different action features, we have simplified the way you handle account management. Now you can have call forwarding with preconfigured forwarding, have your call forwarding directed toward our enhanced PBX and also forward to local numbers.

With one of the largest footprints in North America, Call 48 continues to focus on our DID network and increased our DID provisioning features. Now telecom providers have access to our full on-net footprint for everywhere that we have on-net DIDs. This now gives our customers access to our inventory of almost 15,000,000 on net and off net DIDS for real-time purchasing.

If you’re an existing customer that has not yet had access or has not been migrated as of yet, please reach out to your sales executive so they can get the process expedited. For new customers, sign up now to take a free demo of VoIP Portal.

True Turnkey Private Label VoIP Program

A turnkey house is a home where everything is set up, done and ready for you. That’s what the Call 48 private label reseller program is. When we say turnkey, we mean everything has already been done, ready and set up for you to hit the ground running reselling our VoIP services and solutions under your own banner flag.

Receive deeply competitive rates, a reliable telecommunications platform, and a unique portfolio of services and solutions to choose from, and you are ready to go as a Call 48 reseller. 

This is more than just standard reselling. With the Call 48 private label program, we give you the instant ability to create your own telecommunications company. You use your name, your logo, your website, your own branding when you bill your customers. This is your company. You choose the services and solutions you want and cater to the type of customers you want. All we do is provide everything you need to give to your customers. 

Where Call 48 really differs from other carriers is our state of the art, proprietary back end system called VoIP Portal. Here our private label resellers gain access to in the moment updates they can make. This includes:

Create sub-resellers with complete automation and access to on-line account management  

Multiple retail rates can be assigned and modified for various customer groups or customized sub-reseller wholesale rates for each sub-reseller account

Payment history view a complete history, with the ability to transfer funds to sub-reseller accounts, distribute funds to individual customer accounts

Modify account settings including billing increments, discount percentage, access fee, language, etc. for each of your customer account

Provide on-line account management for individual customers with complete access to invoices, retail call detail records, and various tools to modify account settings

We make it so easy for you to get started. So start now. Contact a member of the Call 48 private label reseller team and get ready to launch your VoIP business and answer any questions.

Private Label VoIP Resellers See Exponential Profits

Call 48 private label VoIP resellers increase monthly income profits by multiples by having a team under them reselling branded VoIP services and solutions.

Call 48 resellers can increase their profits by multiples when they become a private label reseller. As a private label reseller, you can actually become your own VoIP provider. Because the services are now fully branded under your name, you can have a team of resellers underneath you. Imagine it, resellers reselling the services you provide, as a private label Call 48 reseller. Not only your customers but even your sub-sellers will see only your name, your brand, your logo on their bill. They are completely unaware that Call 48 exists. 

Where Call 48 differs from other carriers is that we provide our private label VoIP resellers with the tools, advice, sales strategies and equipment that they need to provide the highest quality of services to their customers as possible. We offer the infrastructure, experience, and equipment that is needed to help integrate a VoIP dial tone to any SIP native or legacy PBX. Our motto is that we got our success when our resellers succeed. 

As a Call 48 private label reseller, customers will enjoy the advantages of total scalability, location mobility, trunk consolidation and more. With our services and solutions, resellers make it possible for their customers to transmit voice and video calls and other communications data via an internet connection which ultimately lowers costs for both communications providers and end users. Plus, you can rest assured that your system is always running at 100% by working with our 24/7 customer service representatives.

Become a Call 48 private label reseller today and watch your monthly profits increase in multitudes. Contact us today to learn more!

One Price North America Origination

Call 48 offers unmatched origination carrier services for the North American continent. Whether you need origination VoIP services for the United States or Canada, our inbound origination DID service is an innovative solution for VoIP resellers.

Call 48 allows resellers a simple and fast way to provision local Direct Inward Dial (DID) terminated to their VOIP gateways anywhere in the world. This solution may mitigate the need to establish multiple Points of Presence (POP). In addition, this solution allows for simple disaster recovery, when a gateway fails or Internet connectivity solutions are not working, a DID or Toll Free number can be routed to a secondary gateway within minutes.

Local DID services leverage our PSTN capabilities while giving customers the control they need to create new products and services through SIP / VoIP. While doing so interconnection expenses are reduced over comparable traditional services while allowing for additional network redundancy over having one single PSTN interconnection point.

DID origination product pricing options:

  • Per minute incoming usage based (unlimited channel incoming)
  • Session or Simultaneous call based (no per minute usage charges) monthly recurring charge for DID from eligible rate centers only
  • Virtual PRI in major markets (price per 23 channels)

Toll Free DID inbound coverage includes:

  • US 48 states, US 48 + Canada, US 50 states + Canada.

Toll Free Origination product pricing options:

  • Toll Free to SIP Origination pricing based on the originating area code (npa nxx)
  • Toll Free to SIP on a flat rate

Our origination rates for the USA and Canada are the lowest you can find. Don’t believe us? Contact a member of the Call 48 origination team and to confirm the rates you need today.

Wholesale Virtual Local DID Phone Numbers for More Presence

Call 48 offers wholesale local virtual phone number DIDs

Businesses may think toll free 800 DIDs are the numbers they need for a successful business, but they often overlook the value of local virtual phone numbers.

Larger Point of Presence
If a business is a David looking to take down Goliath, then you need to establish a larger point of presence in more than one market. This makes not only your competition but your customers think you have a larger footprint geographically.

Go Mobile
You customers and employees have worked from home since the pandemic started. Local virtual DIDs can make them as mobile as they are, instantly rerouting the calls to their new locations wherever that maybe.

Customers Think Locally
There are many customers who prefer to shop locally, investing in small businesses rather than global corporations. Yet businesses need only to appear local in order to show up in local directories. Call 48 virtual local phone numbers allow users to purchase virtual local numbers and connect them from anywhere in the world, giving the appearance of locality without having physical roots in that location.

Intimidate Larger Competition
By having more than one local phone number, a company can now ‘have offices’ on different coasts of the country, giving customers and colleagues the ability to dial a local phone number and pay local phone rates for making the call.

Customers Calling a Local Virtual Number
Callers do not incur long-distance charges, similar to toll free 800 numbers but without losing the local illusion. Local virtual numbers can also employ interactive voice response (IVR) menus in each city, which can include a tailored greeting and/or daily specials, sales and offers.

With virtual local DID numbers you will never again be tied down to a specific local area code, city code or even country code. Contact Call 48 today to learn more about how easy it is to give your business this competitive edge.

Canada Wholesale VoIP Services and Solutions

Canada is a hot VoIP market for Call 48 wholesale services and solutions

One of the fastest growing demographics in VoIP services is in… Canada! The amount of VoIP users in Canada continues to grow and Call 48 offers wholesale VoIP services geared specifically to Canadian end users that our customers are loving.

When it comes to Canadian phone numbers, Call 48 cannot be beat. We offer the largest database of Canadian DIDs or virtual phone numbers for resellers, pulling DIDs from more than 7,300 rate centers making it an ideal way to port over exisiting phone numbers.

When it comes to VoIP in the Great White North, Call 48 can confirm that Canadian users are looking for VoIP service that covers the scope of the country rather than a local municipality, just like US VoIP service should offer VoIP service that covers all 50 United States and not just Texas. Call 48 allows our wholesale customers to offer Canada VoIP service at a fraction of the price of their traditional members and the service is highly in demand.

V1 VoIP resellers are hearing their Canada customers say that the voice quality on their VoIP service is vastly improved and they are enjoying the lower costs, specifically with their overseas and long distance rates.

Between the high call quality and the low cost rates our customer providing Canada service say they prefer our Call 48 VoIP service much more than the traditional or conventional phone service. For a residence or a small business needing a cost-effective way to do business at the office, Call 48 services and solutions are the key to success.

Contact Call 48 now to get started reselling in the Canadian market and learn more about our Canada DID porting rates.

One Tier Domestic Wholesale VoIP Pricing

One Tier. One Price.

When customers left their old provider and came to Call 48 we heard them complain about complicated multi-tier pricing. Whether there were simply too many different tiers or the complicated way it made their customer bills look, they hated that a calls were different costs across the board.

So we listened. And we did away with tiered pricing.

With Call 48’s one tier of domestic pricing we make your life easy. There is one price for United States DID’s with your choice of either metered rates with UNLIMITED Channels or Channel-based pricing with UNLIMITED Usage with US Origination Metered pricing at $0.0029 per Minute or US origination channel rates at $5.00 per Channel.

Our ease of service doesn’t stop there. Wholesale clients take advantage of our state-of-the-art backend support system called VoIP Portal. Get in the moment access to our complete suite of carrier services including:

• Search by state, rate center, NPA/NXX
• Over 13,000 US rate centers
• Advanced Forwarding to up to 3 local numbers or IP addresses
• Ability to Bulk Update/Changes
• Available In and Outbound CNAM
• Available In and Outbound Fax
• Available Directory Listing

If you are interested in learning more about origination pricing, contact us now to get started. One of the reasons why people get into offering VoIP is because the phone bill was supposed to be less complicated than the regular landline carriers. And at Call 48, we believe that your phone bill should be completely straight forward.

Call 48 Provides Wholesale Vanity Phone Numbers

Call 48 vanity toll free phone numbers provide wholesale business customers with name recognition, marketing boost and branding opportunity

Do customers remember your name?

Now more than ever, brand recognition is a challenge in an ever increasingly crowded marketplace. But when your existing and potential customers know your phone number by heart with a Call 48 vanity number you won’t have to worry about jockeying for memory position.

A vanity telephone number that’s used with a business phone system can play a strong role in reinforcing the brand association with a company’s product, service or even just its name. Popular mainstream numbers include GOT-JUNK and FLOWERS.

What if one of your customers has a name that is shorter than seven letters, do not worry. There are ways to create a memorable vanity number with phrases and keywords. For example, abbreviations and/or descriptive nouns and adjectives can expand or truncate a vanity number’s length. If your company name is WINE, your phone number could be 1-800-LUV-WINE. These tactics apply to businesses without name recognition as well, those that need catchy vanity numbers to reflect their offerings instead. Such strategies work in numerous other settings, including web addresses, domains and hashtags.

A good, memorable phone number is such a valuable asset. And Call 48 can provide our wholesale clients with the vanity phone numbers their business customers are looking for. Add some instant recognition with a Call 48 vanity phone number. Contact Call 48 for vanity number availability today!

Call 48 Complete A-Z VoIP Wholesale Termination

<img class=”feature-photo1″ src=”http://www.v1voip.com/images/2015/wholesale-v1-voip-a-to-z-termination-services-solutions.jpg” alt=”Call 48 offers complete international A to Z wholesale VoIP termination services and solutions” title=”Call 48 offers complete international A to Z wholesale VoIP termination services and solutions”/>

The term A – Z comes from the inclusion of countries of Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, which alphabetically would be all the countries available on the planet. This comprehensive offer allows Call 48 wholesale customers to have a possibility of connection with most of telephone numbers, regardless of their location and type.

Termination itself is a service which consists in ending telephone calls inside the telecommunication operator network to which the connection has been directed. The last network where the calls appear is the network of the terminating operator. For example, if the operator A sends calls to the operator B to the numbers belonging to the subscribers of the operator B’s network (both one’s own numbers and the numbers transferred), we are dealing with termination.

When you partner up with Call 48 as an A-Z VoIP termination wholesaler, you gain access to a very wide offer of operators worldwide. Call 48 aggregates many A-Z offers concerned with single destinations, automatically compares rates and quality of connections and selects the best offers for you. With the Call 48 platform, we compare offers of other suppliers for you so you know your traffic is supported by only the best.

Call 48  allows for the purchase and sales of both termination service and the transit of telephone calls. In addition to being a CPAAS provider with built-in mechanisms, when it is possible, connections are transferred directly to the target operator’s network so that he can terminate them in his network. In case of the lack of a direct connection, they will direct connections via transit links in such a way that the potential number of hops (transit networks) is as low as possible.

Call 48 offers wholesale termination support for the connection to all destinations in the world. Get our complete A-Z wholesale termination by contacting a member of the Call 48 termination team today.

Call 48 Offers Fully Branded Complete Private Label Opportunity

On top of our suite of complete wholesale VoIP products and services, Call 48 offers our customers the ability fully brand under their own private label. By branding your own company under Call 48, wholesale providers can offer reliable, high-quality as well as high-speed IP telephony solutions to the end-users, under their own brand names and labels.

Our wholesale customers can increase their customer retention rate when they are under their private label umbrella. We offer a full suite of unified communications, VoIP services and products. Our private label VoIP wholesale programs provide features such as voice mails, call waiting, call conferencing, call forwarding and inbound caller ID, which are very much in demand in the residential market. With the advanced features such as voicemail, emails, conference calls and other multilingual operations, these services can serve the needs of large corporates as well.

Call 48 wholesale private label VoIP delivers the opportunity to choose a full range of VoIP services such as business dial-access, private leased lines, high capacity connectivity and other value-added applications. These benefits make Call 48 private label wholesale VoIP services all the more lucrative among different categories of users.

The end-users or customers can use the services of providers of Call 48 private label VoIP service without having detailed technical know-how. End-users just need to install a software and avail high-speed Internet connections, as hardware equipment are offered by the providers. Once all these are in place, the users can enjoy low cost calling at local and international regions.

Are you ready to build your branded VoIP company? Contact a Call 48 team member now for a free demo of our VoIP platform to get started!