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VoIP Resellers Make Money with DID Origination Service

Get DIDs for $.15 from our more than 13,000 rate centers across North America.

Whether you are looking to grow your VoIP business or simply getting started, Call 48 has the DID phone numbers to make it happen. With flexible pricing on DIDs in both domestic United States and foreign locales, Call 48 has the largest database of North American DIDs with more than 15,000,000 on net and off net numbers from over 13,000 rate centers. Our DID pricing for the United States and Canada starts as low as $0.15 per DID. 

As a premier CPAAS provider Call 48 DIDs can be used in a variety of ways to make money reselling them. You can run an ISP, provide phone numbers to local businesses with PBX (which we also offer to resellers!) or even a calling card business, using the phone numbers as the link to your cluster of services. If the gateway connects to the PSTN through digital trunks, the gateway owner buys from the trunk provider any desired number of DIDs to identify IP phones on the private network. The private network being your clients or as a consumer … you.

Where we can really make you more money is done through our proprietary backend system called VoIP Portal. This state of the art online provisioning system allows you to instantly add DIDs already in stock on our system or to easily order DIDs for delivery in a short time. It also makes it simple to port existing phone numbers. Each DID comes with your choice of either metered or port based pricing. 

For more information about getting phone numbers in the US, Canada, and around the world, contact a member of the Call 48 DID team today. When you do we can also give you more information about ways you can make money reselling them from turn-key hosted PBX service, toll free DIDs, and other carrier services and solutions.

Ways VoIP Resellers Offer DID Phone Numbers

When you amass an inventory of DIDs you can offer your customers instant phone number flexibility. Call 48 offers the largest database of DID numbers in North America and over 120 other countries around the world with more than 15,000,000 on net and off net numbers from over 13,000 rate centers.  With Call 48 DID numbers at your fingertips, you will never again be tied down to a specific local area code, city code or even country code.

There are so many reasons DIDs are important in the VoIP industry. Here are some of the ways Call 48 customers use them:

1. As a company you provide call conferencing applications and you wish to have access numbers from all the major countries such that people can access the conferencing rooms. Just order the needed numbers from Call 48 and you can start promoting your conferencing solutions today!

2. Are you interested in starting a calling card service? The first thing you will need are DIDs. Call 48 grants you immediate access to numbers from all over the world so you can start selling your calling cards. Your customers dial a local access DID number for the price of a local call and you receive all the calls via IP to your soft-switch or IP IVR. From there you can terminate the calls to your desired destinations, be it worldwide or destination targeted.

3. You customers are now working from home and would like their business phone numbers to be as mobile as they are. As a Call 48 reseller you can offer them this reality by rerouting their calls to their new locations.

4. Is one of your customers a call center? Call centers are based in all over the world and therefore you need a phone number from various countries. You can get all the numbers you need online via Call 48 and we will route the call directly to your call center.

5. You customer has a business based in Dallas, but they want to have virtual offices on both coasts so they can appear to be bigger. Call 48 resellers order phone numbers from the cities they need in minutes via our proprietary back-end web portal.

No matter where your customers are located, you can get them a local area code for a city which they need a number so their customers, business partners as well as friends and family, can call to cheaply. Contact the Call 48 DID department now to become a reseller and have access to one of the largest DID phone number databases in existence.