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VoIP Origination Services and DID Management

Once you have access to Call 48’s DID inventory of more than 15,000,000 on net and off net numbers sourced from more than 13,000 rate centers, you are going to need to manage those numbers. As a premier CPAAS and VoIP provider, we ensure an easy process by providing simple and seamless DID (Direct Inward Dialing) management. With normalized tier pricing and least cost sourcing, we enable our resellers to focus on growing their business.

Do you need to grow your phone number inventory? Call 48 offers amazing DID products providing a flexible, reliable, and cost effective solution to acquire and manage telephone numbers. Our leading edge cloud based portal provides a single interface to search, procure and activate numbers from multiple providers.

Our resellers gain quick access to low, pre-negotiated rates on local/domestic and international DID and toll-free numbers. We accomplish this through one of the largest global wholesale carrier footprints, featuring no minimum orders and per-minute and per-session rates.

The Call 48 VoIP origination services and DID staff are experts at providing IP telephony and support our customers with dependable, carrier-class service and a robust IP-optimized network. Our 24/7 technical support keeps everything up and running smoothly, and our redundant, state-of-the-art soft switches and distributed architecture ensure network resilience.

Contact a representative from the Call 48 DID and VoIP carrier origination services team to find out how we can help you procure the DID products that you need at the lowest rates around.

VoIP Origination Carrier Service and DIDs for Resellers

When it comes to offering VoIP reseller carrier services with origination and DIDs in particular, Call 48 cannot be beat. We have the largest database of North American DIDs with over 15,000,000 on net and off net numbers available from over 13,000 rate centers. Our DID pricing for the United States and Canada starts as low as $0.10 per DID, and each DID comes with your choice of either metered or port based pricing. 

Each reseller is different and so are their business needs. Call 48 looks at each individual reseller to offer their business the origination services they want, the DIDs they need and the ability to optimize their business into the future.

Our VoIP reseller origination rates are extremely competitive. But where we truly help resellers succeed is our proprietary backend system called VoIP Portal. Along with our premier CPAAS capabilities, our state of the art online provisioning system allows you to instantly add DIDs already in stock on our system or to easily order DIDs for delivery in a short time. It also makes it simple to port existing phone numbers.

Whether you are starting your own VoIP reseller business or one looking to add to your portfolio of customer offerings, Call 48 has the origination carrier services that you need. Our DID pricing is flexible for both domestic United States and foreign locales, look no further than Call 48.

Want to know more about our carrier services, origination pricing or DIDs? Get in touch with a Call 48 sales representative today!

One Price North America Origination

Call 48 offers unmatched origination carrier services for the North American continent. Whether you need origination VoIP services for the United States or Canada, our inbound origination DID service is an innovative solution for VoIP resellers.

Call 48 allows resellers a simple and fast way to provision local Direct Inward Dial (DID) terminated to their VOIP gateways anywhere in the world. This solution may mitigate the need to establish multiple Points of Presence (POP). In addition, this solution allows for simple disaster recovery, when a gateway fails or Internet connectivity solutions are not working, a DID or Toll Free number can be routed to a secondary gateway within minutes.

Local DID services leverage our PSTN capabilities while giving customers the control they need to create new products and services through SIP / VoIP. While doing so interconnection expenses are reduced over comparable traditional services while allowing for additional network redundancy over having one single PSTN interconnection point.

DID origination product pricing options:

  • Per minute incoming usage based (unlimited channel incoming)
  • Session or Simultaneous call based (no per minute usage charges) monthly recurring charge for DID from eligible rate centers only
  • Virtual PRI in major markets (price per 23 channels)

Toll Free DID inbound coverage includes:

  • US 48 states, US 48 + Canada, US 50 states + Canada.

Toll Free Origination product pricing options:

  • Toll Free to SIP Origination pricing based on the originating area code (npa nxx)
  • Toll Free to SIP on a flat rate

Our origination rates for the USA and Canada are the lowest you can find. Don’t believe us? Contact a member of the Call 48 origination team and to confirm the rates you need today.