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The ANI and ALI in Emergency VoIP Phone Calls

When providing phone service to either businesses or residences, customers need to know important information regarding their ability to make emergency telephone calls. Call 48 is committed to offering our VoIP providers, resellers and wholesale agents answers to their questions about emergency information. One question asked often is this:

What is the difference between the ALI and ANI databases and how do they effect emergency VoIP call responses?

The Automatic Number Identification (ANI) is the automatic display at the PSAP of the telephone number associated with the line which called 911. Each telephone number and the physical location to which it corresponds are stored in an Automatic Location Identification (ALI) database, managed by the local exchange carrier.

Imagine you call 911 and the operator who is looking at the screen, sees the adddress of the caller and says “help is on the way.” In that 911 call, the PSAP uses the ANI to retrieve the caller’s physical address from the ALI database. Additionally, the ANI acts as a callback number should the PSAP lose its connection to the distressed caller. Both ANI and ALI are key capabilities of E911 service.

With traditional E911 service, ALI records are stored in regional ALI databases, and are usually administered by the local exchange carrier (LEC). When a phone’s location changes, the regional ALI database must be revised with new location information which can take up to 48 hours to update.

Due to the capabilities of IP phones, it can be difficult to ensure that the regional ALI is up-to-date. Whereas traditional telephone numbers are static, IP phones can be moved easily, forcing the user to notify a network administrator, who in turn must contact the LEC to update the phone’s location in the regional ALI database. Unfortunately, this process takes time to implement, and may be forgotten entirely by the user.

Additionally, IP phones can relocate to regions served by different ALI databases entirely. A VoIP service provider or enterprise would then need agreements with each LEC to update different regional ALI databases as phones move around the country.

Ultimately, it is difficult for regional ALI databases to stay current with nomadic VoIP users, and there is no guarantee that the VoIP caller’s accurate location information will be available in a crisis.

Contact Call 48 for more information about emergency calls using VoIP services and solutions. 

Call 48 Specializes in DID Phone Numbers and VoIP Origination

The first thing needed to make a phone call is a phone number and that’s why Call 48 specializes in DID phone numbers for the United States and Canada. With access to more than 13,000 rate centers throughout the United States and Canada, Call 48 is a premier CPAAS provider offering unparalleled VoIP origination services starting at $0.15 per number and $5 channels.

US and Canada VoIP DIDs

Through our proprietary VoIP Portal, Call 48 customers have instant access and provisioning to over 15,000,000 on net and off net DID phone numbers currently in inventory. Our web management portal additionally delivers the freedom to search, purchase, and provision DIDs in real-time. Telephone numbers can be selected in several ways: by network, tier, NPA, state, rate center, LATA, and vanity.

In addition to the incredible availability, individual Call 48DID numbers can be customized online with add-on features such as CNAM (caller ID delivery and storage), SMS, T.38 (faxing over IP), fax-to-email, email-to-fax, E911 emergency and alert notification service, and 411 directory assistance.

Toll Free VoIP DIDs

Call 48 toll free DID phone numbers can be instantly provisioned. We can also port existing toll free DIDs to our network. Toll free DIDs are ideal for customers of resellers and wholesalers because they can be dialed from any phone in the United States at no cost to the caller. Vanity wholesale toll free DIDs (think 1-800-MY-PIZZA) are also available.

International VoIP DIDs

The world is a small place so you should have presence wherever you want. Call 48 offers you global presence, with over 120 countries and thousands of area codes around the world. Call 48 offers one of the largest international DID origination coverage in the VoIP industry. Our extensive selection of international DIDs gives our customers access to local phone numbers in thousands of cities.

Each Call 48 international DID is billed on a flat-rate, fixed monthly fee service. This means no per-minute charges and our talking on the phone as much as you want for a low, monthly flat charge. This includes an unlimited number of calls, with no limit on the length of each call. Moreover, each number is provided with two channels, allowing two concurrent incoming calls on the same number.

To find out more about the VoIP origination DID options Call 48 can provide you, as well as our International Rate list, contact us now so you can get your customers calling!

The Easiest VoIP Bill with One Tier Origination

Resellers sick and tired of dealing with dozens of tiers for your VoIP origination pricing. How many tiers is too many when it comes to billing your VoIP customers? Three? Five? Twenty? 

At Call 48 we want to give our resellers ease of use when it comes to creating a bill for their customers. The resellers spoke and we listened. One told us that before they switched to Call 48, their minutes got filed into more than 27(!) different pricing categories. They told us billing for them every month was a nightmare and wished there was a way to simplify. So we did!

In fact, we were so confused by convoluted price brackets and differentiations that we did away with it all together. Yes, you heard that right.

ONE TIER of pricing. For the ENTIRE United States.

Make your reseller life simple with Call 48 one tier of pricing. That means there is one price for United States DID’s with your choice of either metered rates with UNLIMITED channels or channel-based pricing with UNLIMITED usage with US origination metered pricing at $0.0029 per minute or US origination channel rates at $5.00 per channel.

One reason resellers get customers to switch to VoIP is because the phone bill was supposed to be less complicated than the regular landline carriers. And at Call 48, we believe that your phone bill should be completely straight forward. Your bill shouldn’t be pages long and so difficult to understand that you start fielding calls from your customers about what they are seeing.

You will never have a bill you do not understand again! When Call 48 is providing your North American origination usage, you can say goodbye to complicated bills to your customers. Our resellers report easy understanding of both their bill, and the ease of billing their customers as well. 

That is why at Call 48, we made it easy for you. And for your customers. If you make a call, it’s billed at one rate. It doesn’t matter if you are calling a big city like New York or Los Angeles and it doesn’t matter if you are calling a farm in Iowa. It’s one price.

When Call 48 is providing your North American origination usage, you can say goodbye to those multiple pricing tiers. Why should you have a difficult bill or wonder what tier your customer calls are going to be billed at? Stop worrying and wondering! Contact Call 48 today and learn more about one tier pricing structure for your carrier service needs.

Emergency 911 VoIP Carrier Services

Call 48 has resellers covered in an emergency. We offer complete e911 services that are 100% compliant with FCC and CRTC and cover the entirety of the United States and Canada. Our e911 services are part of our portfolio of carrier services and solutions offered to both wholesale and reseller customers. E911 services are the functionality that allows end-users to contact emergency services, including the police, fire and hospital medical services.

How Call 48 VoIP e911 services work:

If you live in an area where E911 service is available, your telephone number and the address you have registered or will register during the sign-up process will be automatically forwarded to the most appropriate emergency dispatch center. Consequently, the emergency operators will have immediate access to the information they need send help directly to your location.

It is important to remember that the address you register with is the address that will be automatically forwarded to emergency services when you dial 911 – therefore, if you relocate either temporarily or permanently, you must update your address by clicking on the member login to any such move so that emergency services always has the correct information regarding your whereabouts.

When you are reselling V1 VoIP services and solutions, it is important to familiarize yourself with the emergency and e911 services. Contact a member of the Call 48 team to inquire about our e911 carrier services.

VoIP Carrier Service Suite for Resellers

Call 48 is a one stop shop for a complete line of VoIP services solutions that enable carriers to quickly and easily deploy new services at minimal cost. With our stocked  portfolio of VoIP services supporting your business efforts, you can focus on growing your core business and making more money. 

By becoming a Call 48 reseller, you can profit from our complete suite of carrier services we offer to our resellers. These include:

Complete Carrier Services

  • Increase your revenue by terminating V1 VoIP’s international traffic in your country
  • Lower your costs by partnering with V1 VoIP to terminate your international traffic

Variety of Added Features

  • Implement prefix dialing, ANI/CLI recognition, subscription dialing, and multiple origination services
  • Provide your residential and corporate customers with pre- or post-paid alternative long-distance services

Call 48 even offers a calling card program where a reseller can establish their own private-label calling card service or leverage our name recognition by offering a Call 48-branded calling card service. This includes high margin, high volume origination for international long distance licensees.

Don’t wait any longer to add to your portfolio of services that you offer. Call 48 can give you everything you need to offer businesses state of the art communications. Contact a member of the Call 48 team today to get started reselling our services and solutions.