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Call 48 Guide to CPaaS Solutions

CPaaS is the latest industry buzzword. But what does it mean and what can it do for your business? Here Call 48 explains what our powerful CPaaS solutions are and why you’re going to want them.

CPaaS 101

CPaaS stands for ‘Communication Platforms as a Service’. CPaaS solutions give you access to real-time communication options, with flexibility as to what communications you’re using and how you are accessing those communications. CPaaS uses APIs (application program interfaces) to intertwine different communication methods into your existing business applications. So, the applications you are already using for your business can now have more communication features and functionality with CPaaS. 

CPaaS vs. UCaaS

Don’t let the similar letters fool you, these two are still different. UCaaS is Unified Communications as a Service, and is a platform that is dedicated to all your different communication methods in one handy place. UCaaS is great if you want to have all your communications in one spot. Where CPaaS stands out against UCaaS the most is that instead of bringing all of your communications to a new platform, it allows you to communicate through platforms you are already utilizing. So, you get the features you know and the communication capabilities that your customers want to use.

CPaaS Biggest Features For Your Business

The biggest benefit of CPaaS bar far is the flexibility it offers. Plus, it ensures future-proofing. Meaning that when new features are available, the APIs are prototyped, implemented, and released much faster than in-house developments. Because Call 48 CPaaS is offered via cloud, it allows businesses to easily jump in with minimal cost. Because it is cloud-based and uses the infrastructure of the provider, businesses don’t need to spend major CAPEX.

If you are looking for a more flexible communication option that’s designed with your business in mind, contact Call 48 today. We’d love to answer any questions you have and help you learn where our CPaaS can take your business.

Increasing VoIP Service Flexibility with Call 48 CPaaS

Help bring your customers the Real Time Communication capabilities they need, at the speeds they’ve grown accustomed to—instantly!—with Call 48 CPaaS solutions.

CPaaS stands for Communications Platform as a Service and offers more affordable pricing and customization capabilities. Call 48 implements our CPaaS through our backend customer platform, VoIP Portal, now in it’s fourth generation. CPaaS offers more affordable pricing and customization capabilities, allowing Call 48 pricing to be more flexible, so you can find options that fit your business’ needs. 

Call 48 CPaaS Offers Full Flexibility

The true beauty of Call 48 CPaaS comes from the flexibility it offers. All functions of Call 48’s VoIP Portal are controlled by API, giving you the ability to pick and choose what features to include in your solution. This means from DID purchasing and provisioning, to features like transcriptions and text to speech can be controlled in real time. Because VoIP Portal is cloud-based and API controlled, when new features are available, the APIs are prototyped, implemented, and released much faster.

There is a huge number of APIs to choose from when it comes to Call 48 CPaaS, giving you the flexibility to customize your communication with the tools that work best for your needs. These will vary depending on what features you need and the finer points of your existing communication strategies.

Another way Call 48 offers full flexibility through CPaaS is that APIs are not limited by number. If your need to implement functions goes from two to ten or 100, you don’t need a different or upgraded API. Call 48 allows you to scale without the need to update your APIs. So whether you are adding new features or increasing the employee count, VoIP Portal can handle the change. 

Call 48’s VoIP Portal gives you everything you could ever want or need to be in the telecom world with the full flexibility of CPaaS. Contact a member of our CPaaS team today for a free demo of the VoIP Portal.

VoIP Portal is the Call 48 CPaaS Enabled Customer Platform

CPaaS is a cloud-based platform provided by Call 48 through our cutting edge technology platform, VoIP Portal. This state of the art customer platform enables our wholesale, reseller, and private label customers to add real-time communications features into their own applications without the need to pay for or build backend infrastructure and interfaces. With VoIP Portal as your CPaaS enabled service you can easily add voice, messaging and video applications to your communications stack.

With Call 48 CPaaS enabled services, we provide APIs with which developers can build applications utilizing communications services or add communication services to an existing application or system. Everything you need to act as a phone carrier can be accomplished with VoIP Portal which can control everything in real-time or be controlled by an API.

As a CPaaS enabled provider, we give you the ability to use cloud technology to grant companies of any size to easily and more reliably develop and embed communication features. Development teams using CPaaS will experience huge cost savings on human resources, infrastructure, as well as time to market.

Revolutionize the way that you provide your customers with voice, messaging and video services. Contact the Call 48 CPaaS department today for a free demo of VoIP Portal and what it can do for you.

Call 48 CPaaS Telephony Technology

The way we communicate has changed so much in the last 20 years, let alone the last 20 months. From instant messaging to social media, video calls and beyond, these innovations are a huge reason why Call 48 is a Communications Platforms as a Service (CPAAS) provider.

One of the hottest sectors in technology, Call 48 CPaaS technology makes it easy to give almost any internet-connected device or application telephone functionality. As one of the leading CPaas providers, we make it simple for any application to have APIs embedded in communications. 

Call 48 makes it easy to enable voice, messaging, video, and other collaboration features into applications or software services via API with ease. Being a cloud-based CPaaS provider, we give developers the ability to add real-time communications features to their own applications without needing to build backend infrastructure and interfaces. 

There’s no need to build your own development framework. Call 48 offers a complete development framework for building real-time communications. This typically includes software tools, standards-based APIs, sample code, and pre-built applications. As a leading CPaaS provider, we also provide support and product documentation to make the development process easier. 

Whether it’s texting, video functions like Skype, programmable voice, and apps, all of them will see some type of communication functionality. Be ready for the changes in communications. Contact Call 48 to learn more about our CPaaS capabilities.