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Call 48 PBX Vanity DID Phone Numbers

Business makes the world go round, and having a vanity DID phone number from Call 48 can make your business spin even faster. Call 48 has an inventory of toll free numbers that are easy to remember and spell out the name of your company.

Vanity numbers, or toll free phone numbers that spell out words, have become imperative to businesses of all sizes and brands. If you’re going to have a business phone number, why not have one that your customers can remember? Vanity toll free DIDs phone numbers from Call 48 compliment your business by spelling our your brand name, a product or a service that you offer. They give you the business prospects you require to have an edge over your competitors.

Our vanity toll free numbers are also supported by all the features of our cloud hosted PBX services. These phone numbers integrate seamlessly with features like auto attendants, voicemail and email to fax. These advanced features of our vanity toll free numbers will provide your callers with the same kind of interface as is
experienced while calling a big company. Even if dealing with a home-based business, having a Call 48 vanity toll free phone number will give you the capability to give that business an attractive address throughout the nation.

In fact, Call 48 additionally offers advanced follow me call forwarding services that can perform simultaneous call routing for up to three alternate phone numbers (cell phone, office number or residence number). You can setup a contact center for handling the calls from the vanity toll free numbers using the Automatic Call Distribution system.

While vanity toll free numbers should offer you a general nationwide presence, you can
successfully have a more local presence via the local numbers. In addition to our toll free vanity phone numbers, Call 48 is the leader of domestic United States DIDs with local phone numbers in area codes of nearly every major city. We offer one of the largest footprints in the US with an inventory of 15,000,000 DIDs on and off net from 13,000 rate centers and more than 180 LATAs.

Contact a member of the Call 48 toll free team today, and allow one of our representatives provide you with a vanity or toll free DID phone number today.