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Call 48 Offers VoIP Resellers The Keys to Success

Call 48 is excited to have new resellers aboard. We are one of the few providers that believe our success comes when our resellers succeed. But jumping into the VoIP reseller pool isn’t without it’s challenges and we help our new resellers overcome them. 

At Call 48 we provide our resellers the flexibility to run their business their way. Want to get into CPaaS? We have the APIs you requested and developers on standby! Focusing on origination and DIDs? We have over 15,000,000 numbers on net and off net in inventory from over 13,000 rate centers! All you need to do is decide the area you want to resell and hit it head on.

Not only will you be given access to the features your customers want and need, you will get them with transparent access to their price. This allows you to set your rates accordingly for services and solutions for a maximum return of profits.

What really separates the Call 48 reseller program from others is our state of the art, proprietary portal called VoIP Portal. With this revolutionary customer portal you can provision DIDs in real time, assign different services to customers and so much more. We’ve made it user friendly for changing things in a moment’s notice and made billing your customers a breeze. 

Call 48 prides ourselves on making our resellers a success. If you are looking to add to your portfolio of VoIP services and solutions or just want to get started making money in the telephony space, contact Call 48 today to increase your profits.

Why Resellers Love Our Turnkey VoIP Cloud-Based Services

The pandemic changed the way everyone did business. But in terms of speed, the only thing it did was make everyone move faster. That’s why Call 48 provides resellers with turnkey cloud-based services for their customers. 

When high-tech VoIP services came down in price it leveled the playing field for businesses of all sizes. Those who needed the push to switch to VoIP services got a real shove when COVID made workforce’s go mobile. 

Cloud-based VoIP services will not only save customers money they will make resellers money. Call 48 offers cloud-based service plans as well as flat rate fees. And because information is stored in a virtual Cloud, again, business owners don’t have to be concerned about managing any hardware equipment, which is going to save them both time and money.

The ability to route and even redirect a phone call is now an option. Businesses keep their current phone numbers, so their office phone will ring regardless of where they are. And when it comes a mobile workforce, if a business moves from one location to another, a cloud based phone system is much easier when it comes to transferring a phone system to a new location.

Don’t miss out on turnkey cloud-based VoIP services and solutions for your customers. Contact Call 48 today to learn more about how you can make money with the cloud.

Call 48 CPaaS Offers Full Flexbility Through APIs

CPaaS has become one of the most valuable tools in the business landscape, with its popularity catapulted by the work at home trend created by the pandemic. Call 48 CPaaS are the epitome of flexibility for organizations to add new functionality to their communication. Simply add the capabilities you need via API implementation when you need them. 

With APIs like the ones easily enabled via our proprietary customer VoIP Portal, customers have the ability to add multiples of communication applications to their business. VoIP Portal allows for real time management of DID phone numbers and coupled with our unmatchable U.S. footprint, it means provisioning has never been easier. 

For years Call 48 has been committed to offering our customer a complete portfolio of services and solutions. We’ve provided the customization of our products for our wholesale and reseller customers to choose from on an a la carte menu. We continue our pledge to complete flexibility with our CPaaS solutions and API implementation.

At Call 48 we recognize that CPaaS is the developmental response to the growing need that companies have for more flexible and scalable environments that suit the needs of an evolving workforce and a changing customer base. Through our API functions we can make your business easy to manage so you can focus on making money. Contact Call 48 now to learn more about our CPaaS solutions.

How Call 48 Resellers Find Success

Call 48 only achieves success when our resellers do. That’s why we understand and invest in our resellers success. Successful VoIP resellers are able to showcase certain factors which make them relied upon by their customers for their inbound, origination services. Here are a few reasons that separate Call 48 resellers from everyone else.

Call 48 Low Price Structure

No matter what, customers care about their money. When it comes to offering a low cost price for origination services, resellers won’t be able to find lower than what Call 48 offers, which allows resellers to set prices where they can make the most profits while saving their customers money. We allow resellers to offer both pre-paid or pay-as-you-go plans to their customers. Resellers need only to figure out which payment plan works better for them and their customers.

Clear VoIP Quality

While Call 48 resellers are offering the lowest VoIP origination rates possible, we back these carrier services up with our quality and our redundancy for reliability. Call 48 resellers feel confident knowing their telecom service provider has taken the time and resources to invest in a redundant network with extensive coverage. And speaking of coverage…

Complete Coverage

Call 48 blankets North America with over 15,000,000 on net and off net DIDs from more than 13,000 rate centers and has points of presence in multiple locations. We often surprised by how many resellers come from previous providers who claim to offer global coverage when in fact their network offer offer only limited coverage at best.

Continued Support

Call 48 resellers do not disappear after a sale is made. Great VoIP origination resellers come with support teams that are there for their customers when they are needed.

While these reasons might seem obvious, resellers with customers looking to make the switch to VoIP for their inbound, origination services see them as the four pillars to making a successful sale. At Call 48 our origination carrier services are set up for resellers to succeed. And when our resellers succeed, so do we! Contact a member of the Call 48 team today to learn more about reselling our origination services.

The Easiest VoIP Bill with One Tier Origination

Resellers sick and tired of dealing with dozens of tiers for your VoIP origination pricing. How many tiers is too many when it comes to billing your VoIP customers? Three? Five? Twenty? 

At Call 48 we want to give our resellers ease of use when it comes to creating a bill for their customers. The resellers spoke and we listened. One told us that before they switched to Call 48, their minutes got filed into more than 27(!) different pricing categories. They told us billing for them every month was a nightmare and wished there was a way to simplify. So we did!

In fact, we were so confused by convoluted price brackets and differentiations that we did away with it all together. Yes, you heard that right.

ONE TIER of pricing. For the ENTIRE United States.

Make your reseller life simple with Call 48 one tier of pricing. That means there is one price for United States DID’s with your choice of either metered rates with UNLIMITED channels or channel-based pricing with UNLIMITED usage with US origination metered pricing at $0.0029 per minute or US origination channel rates at $5.00 per channel.

One reason resellers get customers to switch to VoIP is because the phone bill was supposed to be less complicated than the regular landline carriers. And at Call 48, we believe that your phone bill should be completely straight forward. Your bill shouldn’t be pages long and so difficult to understand that you start fielding calls from your customers about what they are seeing.

You will never have a bill you do not understand again! When Call 48 is providing your North American origination usage, you can say goodbye to complicated bills to your customers. Our resellers report easy understanding of both their bill, and the ease of billing their customers as well. 

That is why at Call 48, we made it easy for you. And for your customers. If you make a call, it’s billed at one rate. It doesn’t matter if you are calling a big city like New York or Los Angeles and it doesn’t matter if you are calling a farm in Iowa. It’s one price.

When Call 48 is providing your North American origination usage, you can say goodbye to those multiple pricing tiers. Why should you have a difficult bill or wonder what tier your customer calls are going to be billed at? Stop worrying and wondering! Contact Call 48 today and learn more about one tier pricing structure for your carrier service needs.

Start Reselling VoIP Services in Minutes

Take your first steps to financial success as a VoIP reseller with Call 48 in your corner. At Call 48 we provide new resellers with everything they need to start making money offering our carrier services and solutions. In only a few minutes we can get you up and running to start providing VoIP service to customers and earn monthly recurring revenue.

Get started selling VoIP with Call 48 in four easy steps:

1. Phone Numbers

In order to make calls you need phone numbers. Call 48 has the largest phone number footprint with more than 15,000,000 on net and off net numbers from over 13,000 rate centers. We can ensure that your customers will have the phone numbers that they need for their businesses. We can also port over their current phone numbers are record low rates.

2. Origination Service

Origination refers to where a call originates or begins. Call 48 resellers take advantage of our one tier price covers the entire United States with only one price making for easy billing and easy rate setting on your part.

3. Termination Service

Just as origination is where a call begins, termination means where it ends. Get the termination pricing that you need from one of the lowest priced termination rate decks in the industry and start earning that money.

4. Toll Free

An easy way for a reseller to get their customer a larger point of presence is with toll free phone numbers. Toll free numbers can allow a customer to call without being charged long distance fees and Call 48 has them in stock. This also includes vanity numbers for easy remembering.

Get started making money as a VoIP reseller today. Contact Call 48 to take the first step to financial success.