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The Future of VoIP Communications is CPaaS in the Cloud

The world is undergoing a profound technological change in how we communicate and Call 48 is positioned at the center of it. We are meeting the challenges with a combination of assets to meet emerging and dynamic communications needs including our powerful, CPaaS-enabled software platform, VoIP Portal, integrated with a global communications network, decades of industry expertise, long-standing embedded customer relationships, and a culture of exceptional service and constant innovation.

In the midst of unprecedented digital transformation, Call 48 sees the future clearly in the cloud. As global business communications move to the cloud, this is a trend that will continue long after the world reawakens from the global pandemic. Regardless of size, companies understand that if they need the quality, scalability and flexibility that can only be found with cloud based services and solution.

But the migration to the cloud is well, cloudier than many realize, with technical and regulatory hurdles to overcome varying from one customer and country to the next. Call 48 knows our customers are trusting us with their mission-critical communication needs.

The continued successful execution of our CPaaS enabled solutions is made possible by our customer interface, VoIP Portal. Now in its fourth generation, this platform gives customers access to our complete United States footprint coverage along with 80 countries. By utilizing our CPaaS platform Call 48 customers are ensured the flexibility, reliability and scalability that they are looking for, rapidly with more flexibility and real time control.

Call 48 Offers VoIP Resellers The Keys to Success

Call 48 is excited to have new resellers aboard. We are one of the few providers that believe our success comes when our resellers succeed. But jumping into the VoIP reseller pool isn’t without it’s challenges and we help our new resellers overcome them. 

At Call 48 we provide our resellers the flexibility to run their business their way. Want to get into CPaaS? We have the APIs you requested and developers on standby! Focusing on origination and DIDs? We have over 15,000,000 numbers on net and off net in inventory from over 13,000 rate centers! All you need to do is decide the area you want to resell and hit it head on.

Not only will you be given access to the features your customers want and need, you will get them with transparent access to their price. This allows you to set your rates accordingly for services and solutions for a maximum return of profits.

What really separates the Call 48 reseller program from others is our state of the art, proprietary portal called VoIP Portal. With this revolutionary customer portal you can provision DIDs in real time, assign different services to customers and so much more. We’ve made it user friendly for changing things in a moment’s notice and made billing your customers a breeze. 

Call 48 prides ourselves on making our resellers a success. If you are looking to add to your portfolio of VoIP services and solutions or just want to get started making money in the telephony space, contact Call 48 today to increase your profits.

Cloud Hosted VoIP Services Are Perfect for Pandemic Era Resellers

When the pandemic forced people to work from places other than their permanent  offices, the beauty of cloud hosted VoIP services was seen by many for the first time. Call 48 grants resellers the ability to offer cloud based hosted VoIP solutions from carrier services to instant messaging, conference bridging, video, fax, and a slew of others in one powerful solutions. 

Resellers see the advantages of combining Call 48’s cost-saving, cloud-based telephony with the efficiency of unified communications. And resellers are seeing the uptick from their customers, making more money while saving their customers money. 

Call 48 cloud based hosted VoIP benefits for resellers include:

Save customers money while you make money

Companies care more about the bottom line than ever before and Call 48’s UC will save them money! How much will this cost is the first question customers ask, but what they should ask is how much will I save. With Call 48 hosted VoIP services they can forget the cost of leasing, buying and maintaining a PBX or Key System. By taking business to the cloud, resellers can reduce the cost of telecom and IT support. Cloud based VoIP services also make it easy to move, add and change employees quickly using a simple web-based portal. Save money and time when integrating and training your employees with a one-stop solution.

In demand cloud-based features

There are no shortage of features that will increase productivity and collaboration with your employees. Call 48 cloud-based features enables users to connect whenever, wherever with affordable communication and collaboration features to work across devices and locations. Take advantage of superior calling features like Find Me/Follow Me so you never miss a call, and Fixed Mobile Convergence to seamlessly move calls between mobile and office phones.

Improve voice mail communications with voice mail-to-email and voice email-to-text transcription. Client applications to enable services on any device from your desktop PC to your iOS or Android device. Video Calling and Instant Desktop Sharing to improve collaboration.

Change it when you need it flexibility

Call 48 hosted VoIP solutions allow you to customize to your needs. Choose the calling plans you want and use different billing options for any type of business. Even better you can mix and match Hosted Voice and Hosted Unified Communication feature sets based on individual employee needs. Plus you can choose from a large selection of phones and network equipment.

No two businesses which run exactly alike. This is why Call 48 offers resellers the flexibility of calling plans and features to meet the needs of each company and its employees. Contact a member of the Call 48 team today to learn more and get started!

Why Resellers Love Our Turnkey VoIP Cloud-Based Services

The pandemic changed the way everyone did business. But in terms of speed, the only thing it did was make everyone move faster. That’s why Call 48 provides resellers with turnkey cloud-based services for their customers. 

When high-tech VoIP services came down in price it leveled the playing field for businesses of all sizes. Those who needed the push to switch to VoIP services got a real shove when COVID made workforce’s go mobile. 

Cloud-based VoIP services will not only save customers money they will make resellers money. Call 48 offers cloud-based service plans as well as flat rate fees. And because information is stored in a virtual Cloud, again, business owners don’t have to be concerned about managing any hardware equipment, which is going to save them both time and money.

The ability to route and even redirect a phone call is now an option. Businesses keep their current phone numbers, so their office phone will ring regardless of where they are. And when it comes a mobile workforce, if a business moves from one location to another, a cloud based phone system is much easier when it comes to transferring a phone system to a new location.

Don’t miss out on turnkey cloud-based VoIP services and solutions for your customers. Contact Call 48 today to learn more about how you can make money with the cloud.