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Call 48 Conference Bridge for Resellers

Call 48 offers conference bridges through hosted PBX enabling the addition of multiple callers to one dial virtual meeting room. One of the most requested services since the COVID pandemic hit, Call 48 resellers report their end users are loving this feature. For businesses with remote workers, offices with multiple locations, or simple ones with a large staff, Call 48 conference bridges are a must. 

The Call 48 conference bridge allows multiple people to participate in phone call. The most common form of bridge allows participants to dial into a virtual meeting room from their own phone. Meeting rooms can hold dozens or even hundreds of participants.

Our conference bridge system allows the administrator to assign DID numbers to conference rooms.  In some cases as single DID number connects callers with an IVR application that prompts for a room number. Call 48 conference rooms can optionally be secured by a PIN number.  Some systems use a common PIN for all participants while others use custom PINs for each. With our advanced conference system technology, included is a graphical user interface that allows all participants to see who is currently speaking and optionally who has joined the conference.  Admnistrators and moderators generally have a more comprehensive view that includes advanced controls.

Call 48 Conference Bridge Features

Conferencing allows companies to save significantly on travel costs.  In-person meetings are costly and time consuming.  A conference bridge system can pay for itself in just one avoided “on-site” meeting. Conferencing is the core of collaboration and enables distributed or virtual teams. Conferencing makes it simple and affordable for a team to function across a diverse geography.

The Call 48 conference bridge is a high definition-capable component that makes it easy to build stand-alone conferencing services or to integrate conferencing into other solutions, including IP PBX systems.

Are your business clients asking for services like this? Make their meetings go smoother. Contact Call 48 today to be able to offer them conference bridge functionality.

Launch with Call 48 Private Label Reseller Platform

With the Call 48 private label reseller program, you can get you started offering VoIP products with no need for a large hardware investment or dedicated VoIP support staff. At Call 48 we make it possible for smaller businesses to bring themselves into the VoIP telephone industry, providing voice connections between consumers, with revenue and a business model of maintaining customer relations and service.

True Private Label VoIP Platform

With Call 48 at your side, you will be part of a true “private label” platform. Your customers are your own and as a fully branded private label reseller, your customers will never see our name, and Call 48 will not compete with you for your customers. Instead they see your name, your logo, and your set pricing which you control. Resellers are free to promote their own brands, build their customer base and own their own customers. They provide turnkey services to end users as if they were not reselling at all, including dial tone as part of their offering.

Private Label VoIP Services

As a private label Call 48 reseller, you also control the types of services you are providing. Whether you choose businesses in your area, residential phone service or to target international travelers with calling cards, your company can scale to suit your customers.

Carrier Services – Call 48 offers more than 15,000,000 on net and off net DID phone numbers as low as $0.15 each for over 120 countries from over 13,000 rate centers. Our carrier service also include inbound and outbound SMS solutions via our web–service API, providing full customization.

SIP Trunking – SIP trunking provides VoIP phone service for premise–based phone systems, enabling cost savings through unlimited free on–network calling, low long–distance usage rates, scalability, and other benefits.

Hosted IP–PBX – Manage business phone systems with flexible features such as customizable auto attendants, call forwarding to multiple phone numbers and ring groups, teleconferencing, call transfer, call waiting, voicemail–to–email, caller ID services, and more.

Callback Services – Web and SMS callback modules, providing the ability to transform the cost of an international phone call made from an end–user’s cell phone into the cost of the cellular service provider’s inbound call rate.

When you become one of Call 48’s private label customers, you will receive:

  • A fully branded member’s portal tailored specifically to each individual business allowing for complete private labeling
  • Administrative portal for managing customer accounts
  • Integrated billing platform with usage tracking
  • Ramp style minimums catered to each private label customer
  • Training sessions spanning three days to infuse a level of confidence necessary to being successful in today’s VoIP industry

Call 48 has the technology, experience, support, resources and quality to help you succeed in the VoIP industry. Contact a member of the Call 48 team to get your company started with our private label reseller solutions.