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VoIP Flexibility Through CPaaS Customer Portal

For VoIP wholesale, reseller and private label customers seeking full flexibility, Call 48 offers a state of the art CPaaS enabled customer platform called VoIP Portal. By utilizing it’s power, Call 48 makes it simple to manage origination VoIP services and DIDs with the click of a button.

Full of intuitive features and enhanced by robust APIs, this fourth generation customer interface makes Call 48 favored by VoIP customers across all sectors for its ease of use, complete scalability and API capabilities.

Call 48’s CPaaS enabled VoIP Portal offers an intuitive and responsive interface, providing customers real time ability to purchase and control DIDs as well as their provisioning, porting and pointing them to phone systems. 

All of the capabilities including customizing routing options and reviewing invoices are easily controlled in real time by the VoIP Portal or an API to control the portal. From DIDs and SMS to transcriptions and text to speech, Call 48 can link everything to customer websites, their CRMs or their own customer portals. 

Combine this CPaaS power to purchase, port and provision DIDS with our inventory of almost 15,000,000 DID phone numbers available across the United States from over 15,000 rate centers and more than 180 LATAs to feel the full force of our coverage. PRovisioning has never been easier with an unmatchable U.S. footprint.

As CPaaS has become one of the most valuable tools in VoIP, we have positioned Call 48 to have the epitome of flexibility for organizations looking to add new functionality to their communication.

Take advantage of all that Call 48 has to offer with these CPaaS capabilities. Contact a member of the CPaaS team today for a free demo of VoIP Portal.

Increasing VoIP Service Flexibility with Call 48 CPaaS

Help bring your customers the Real Time Communication capabilities they need, at the speeds they’ve grown accustomed to—instantly!—with Call 48 CPaaS solutions.

CPaaS stands for Communications Platform as a Service and offers more affordable pricing and customization capabilities. Call 48 implements our CPaaS through our backend customer platform, VoIP Portal, now in it’s fourth generation. CPaaS offers more affordable pricing and customization capabilities, allowing Call 48 pricing to be more flexible, so you can find options that fit your business’ needs. 

Call 48 CPaaS Offers Full Flexibility

The true beauty of Call 48 CPaaS comes from the flexibility it offers. All functions of Call 48’s VoIP Portal are controlled by API, giving you the ability to pick and choose what features to include in your solution. This means from DID purchasing and provisioning, to features like transcriptions and text to speech can be controlled in real time. Because VoIP Portal is cloud-based and API controlled, when new features are available, the APIs are prototyped, implemented, and released much faster.

There is a huge number of APIs to choose from when it comes to Call 48 CPaaS, giving you the flexibility to customize your communication with the tools that work best for your needs. These will vary depending on what features you need and the finer points of your existing communication strategies.

Another way Call 48 offers full flexibility through CPaaS is that APIs are not limited by number. If your need to implement functions goes from two to ten or 100, you don’t need a different or upgraded API. Call 48 allows you to scale without the need to update your APIs. So whether you are adding new features or increasing the employee count, VoIP Portal can handle the change. 

Call 48’s VoIP Portal gives you everything you could ever want or need to be in the telecom world with the full flexibility of CPaaS. Contact a member of our CPaaS team today for a free demo of the VoIP Portal.

Call 48 CPaaS Offers True Flexibility in Real Time

With Call 48 CPaaS is all about bringing true flexibility to our VoIP wholesale and reseller customers. We provide these services through our state of the art backend customer platform called VoIP Portal. Here is where flexibility meets real time functionality. 

At its core, our VoIP Portal with CPaaS enabled service is an easy to use framework giving our customers everything they need to act as a phone carrier without actually having to be a phone carrier. In congruency with our vast API landscape, we offer companies versatile access to new tools and functionality at a pace that suits them.

Because the Call 48 CPaaS VoIP Portal makes it easy to control the buying, provisioning, porting and point of DIDs, there is no limit to what you can accomplish or how fast you can evolve. When you need a new US DID, it is as simple as point and click. We have over 15,000,000 DIDs both on net and off net in our inventory from more than 13,000 rate centers. 

With Call 48 CPaaS enabled solutions everything is controllable. Everything is controlled either by the VoIP Portal or an API to control the portal. We can link everything to customer websites, their CRMs, or even their own customer portals. From DIDs to SMS, 411 directory listings to voicemail to text, everything that you need is at your fingertips and under your control…in real time.

Call 48 has invested to give you full flexibility with our CPaaS enabled platform. Contact us today for a free demo of VoIP Portal and what Call 48 can do for you!

VoIP Portal is the Call 48 CPaaS Enabled Customer Platform

CPaaS is a cloud-based platform provided by Call 48 through our cutting edge technology platform, VoIP Portal. This state of the art customer platform enables our wholesale, reseller, and private label customers to add real-time communications features into their own applications without the need to pay for or build backend infrastructure and interfaces. With VoIP Portal as your CPaaS enabled service you can easily add voice, messaging and video applications to your communications stack.

With Call 48 CPaaS enabled services, we provide APIs with which developers can build applications utilizing communications services or add communication services to an existing application or system. Everything you need to act as a phone carrier can be accomplished with VoIP Portal which can control everything in real-time or be controlled by an API.

As a CPaaS enabled provider, we give you the ability to use cloud technology to grant companies of any size to easily and more reliably develop and embed communication features. Development teams using CPaaS will experience huge cost savings on human resources, infrastructure, as well as time to market.

Revolutionize the way that you provide your customers with voice, messaging and video services. Contact the Call 48 CPaaS department today for a free demo of VoIP Portal and what it can do for you.

Call 48 CPaaS Enabled Solutions is the Future of VoIP

Communications Platform as a Service, or CPaaS, is a cloud-based, must-have VoIP solution for agile innovation in the business landscape. Call 48 offers these CPaaS enabled solutions via our customer backed platform VoIP Portal. This state of the art solution for business growth allows our customers complete flexibility without having to rebuild their entire infrastructure. 

VoIP Portal is a doorway to modernization with, delivering CPaaS enabled solutions with real-time accuracy. By utilizing Call 48’s CPaaS portal, you can buy, port and provision DIDs as well as make integrations to your CRM system and other essential tools. But perhaps the biggest benefit of our CPaaS by far is its ability to support innovation at the speed that suits our customers.

As a Call 48 customer you can implement new tools and functionality at the speed that suits you, without having to risk your budget. You can switch functionality on and off, which means you pay only for the services you actually need.

Take advantage of Call 48 CPaaS enabled solutions and get everything you need to be in the telecom world. From DID phone numbers and SMS to text to speech and cloud hosted PBX, it’s all easily controllable by either our portal or an API to control the portal. Contact a Call 48 CPaaS reprsentative today for a free demo of the VoIP Portal. 

Turnkey VoIP Services with CPaaS Enabled Solutions

There is enough to worry about in the world. Worrying about setting up your VoIP solutions should NOT be one of them. That’s why Call 48 offers turnkey VoIP services that are flexible, robust and high quality for wholesale carriers with CPaaS enabled solutions. 

Wholesale VoIp carriers have high demands, and Call 48 rises to the occasion with our turn key, all in one VoIP services specifically developed for wholesale carriers who are geared up to offer premier VoIP and CPaaS enabled solutions to their clients. Call 48 offers stable, seamless and cost-effective connections to meet your business needs.

The Call 48 wholesale solutions blends superior quality with reasonable price in a fully scalable enterprise-grade, CPaaS enabled VoIP solution. Call 48 customers can execute real-time commands and collaborative network access services.

Call 48 provides congregated communication for the next generation. By deploying Call 48 wholesale services with CPaaS enabled solutions, you can easily manage routing, billing, taxation and get many other tools to simplify the complex process of Wholesale VoIP business. With the step by step easy deployment functionality, our Wholesale VoIP is the most reasonably priced all-in-one solution in the VoIP industry.

This V1 VoIP wholesale solution includes the following:

  • VoIP Portal, our CPaaS enabled customer platform 
  • The Call 48 softSwitch
  • The Call 48 billing platform

Call 48 is a global leader when it comes to offering VoIP solutions with excellence and reliability. We offer the largest footprint in North America with over 15,000,000 DIDs in inventory both on net and off net from more than 13,000 rate centers. Our VoIP solutions are developed by top minds in the industry and are the wonderful combination of state-of-the-art design and efficiency. Our reliable, secured and unmatched complete VoIP solution includes wholesale origination and termination, wholesale switch and is the perfect solution for VoIP service providers, carriers and wholesale VoIP businesses.

The Call 48 wholesale solution is designed to enhance the flexibility and robustness to the next generation VoIP technology. Contact a member of the Call 48 wholesale team today to take a free demo of our turnkey wholesale VoIP solution.

Call 48 and CPaaS Enabled VoIP Services

The way we communicate has evolved drastically in the last decade, and as technology evolves, the possibilities continue to grow. The introduction of new services and applications is making connectivity easier, which is why the CPaaS revolution has begun to hit it’s stride with Call 48 ready to lead the charge.

Call 48 CPaaS Enabled VoIP Portal

The Call 48 CPaaS platform called VoIP Portal has unlocked a new era of accessibility for modern technology. Our state of the art CPaaS-rich system utilizes the flexibility of the cloud to deliver connectivity. VoIP Portal 4.0 was designed for telephony wholesale and resellers that need a cohesive flow between the various components of their business processes. By utilizing the CPaaS that Call 48 offers, they can improve efficiency, reduce expenses and limit latency.

Call 48 CPaaS Operations: CPaaS provides businesses with easy access to the latest communication solutions and technology. Because they’re based on the cloud, they allow companies and developers to easily embed new services and solutions into their existing processes using VoIP Portal and APIs.

Real Time Provisioning via Call 48 CPaaS: The Call 48 VoIP Portal CPaaS contributes to engagement by giving wholesale and VoIP reseller clients access to the tools they need to better serve their customers. With instant access to both our on net and off net inventory of over 15,000,000 DIDs from more than 13,000 rate centers, our clients provision for their customers in real time. 

CPaaS Customization and Flexibility: By taking advantage of Call 48 CPaaS through the cloud, our customers mix and match the solutions they need, paying only for the tools they need to use. VoIP Portal helps to bridge the gaps between the customer and the company, in the places where demand is highest. 

Call 48 improves the technology connected to our customer brands as well. CPaaS via VoIP Portal can provide billing statements, self-service solutions, automated IVR, and SMS functionality for our customers leading to their success.

Call 48 CPaaS and VoIP Portal makes it so easy to unlock the true potential of your business. Contact a Call 48 CPaaS representative for a FREE DEMO of VoIP Portal and its capabilities today.

Call 48 CPaaS Real Time Services

Rather than develop your own custom applications, Call 48 offers CPaaS solutions to customers for faster and lower-cost alternative to enable communications within applications. Our CPaaS enabled services allow you to buy, port, and provision DIDs in real time. 

Call 48 has the largest North American footprint with over 15,000,000 DIDs available both on net and off net from 13,000 rate centers. Our CPaaS enabled services provide numerous features and benefits to our wholesale and reseller customers, including:

Saving Money. First and foremost, money matters, and this is why our VoIP customers save money on their telephony uses using our CPaaS solutions.

Complete Flexibililty. One of the most important features of the Call 48 CPaaS is how customizable these services are. When adapting our CPaaS solutions via our 4th generation VoIP Portal to your business, you have the flexibility to choose the features you need that work for your business and your customers. These cloud hosted services offer our wholesale and reseller clients full scalability.

Reliability. Our state of the art cloud-based CPaaS moves your outdated communications hardware into the future. Your employees will be so happy to have an easy to navigate platform where they can see things in real time. With more reliable and flexible communications, you can focus on growing and nothing else. 

Call 48 CPaaS services are easy to access via our VoIP Portal 4.0 and easy to adapt to suit your needs. With Call 48 CPaaS solutions you can quickly evolve to adapt to whatever needs you have. Now you can demo a free tour of our CPaaS platform. Contact a Call 48 CPaaS representative to discover the true features of our CPaaS solutions.

Call 48 Wholesale Origination DIDs

Call 48 offers wholesale origination DIDs with flexible pricing as part of our suite of wholesale carrier service and solution offerings

Call 48 offers wholesale origination DIDs as part of our suite of wholesale carrier service and solution offerings. When you need a phone number, Call 48 is your first stop to getting it. With more than 15,000,000 on net and off net phone numbers from over 13,000 rate centers, Call 48 offers the largest database of North American DIDs, blanketing the United States and Canada starting at $0.15 per DID. Based on your wholesale business needs, we can help you attain all the phone numbers you need in the regions you need them. 

While we offer extremely competitive wholesale origination DID rates, where Call 48 really shines is our proprietary backend system called VoIP Portal. This state of the art online provisioning system allows you to instantly add DIDs already in stock on our system or to easily order DIDs for delivery in a short time. It also makes it simple to port existing phone numbers.

Call 48 is proud to offer the origination phone numbers you need to take to your wholesale VoIP business to the next level. If you are a new customer to Call 48, don’t forget to ask us about our complete suite of carrier services and solutions we offer that you can add to your portfolio.

Each DID comes with your choice of either metered or port based pricing. Want to know more about our carrier services, origination pricing or DIDs? Get in touch with a member of the Call 48 origination team today!

Call 48 Wholesale Back End VoIP Portal

Call 48 is a leading wholesale provider with an easy to use, proprietary backend system called VoIP Portal. This system created for private label service use provides a wholesale solution for both commercial and residential sectors. With VoIP Portal, Call 48 customers can add virtual numbers necessary in real-time, with instant access to almost 13,000 rate centers and over 10,000,000 on net and off net DIDs in North America.

Our wholesale customer offerings include unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada, call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, three-way calling, 411 listing, voicemail and E911.

To ensure optimal performance and compliance with current industry regulations, all wholesale VoIP lines in this offering are provisioned with 411 listing and E911 services – something we insist all our wholesale customers learn more about and offer their own customers.

Our wholesale VoIP Portal allows easy private label branding, allowing you to market and sell your services as your own white label solution. You can also have the flexibility of offering customers SIP Trunks, hosted PBX solutions, and extra VoIP lines, or all three if you choose.

Along with our premier CPAAS capabilities, Call 48 makes the process of becoming a wholesale provider the easy money making opportunity it is. It is your way to be your own boss, set your own income limits and save people money in the process. The key to our success is that when you succeed, that’s when we succeed.

To learn more about our wholesale VoIP providings, contact Call 48 with your questions. We are ready to launch your wholesale VoIP business to the next level.