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How VoIP Resellers Target Millennial Customers with Services

Millennials are always current on the latest technology. They don’t remember home landline phones tethered to walls on long cords. They barely remember a world without social media. Millennials are the perfect customers for high tech VoIP services, especially when their parents are not quick to change it. Here Call 48 explains how to market to them. 

While millennials are always excited to jump on the latest and greatest tech, getting them on the phone is a different matter. This generation is fond of text messaging and in lieu of talking on the phone. So cold calling them is out. Instead the millennial generation like to do their own research and then reach out on their own terms. So how do you make them aware of VoIP technology?

To target millennials with VoIP, think outside the phone!

As stated above, the easiest way to attract the millennial crowd is with text messaging and social media platforms. Whether that’s Instagram, Snapchat, SMS, email, live chat, or LinkedIn, millenials do business differently than the older clientele on an outdated phone system. But they are receptive to what’s hot in technology and makes them a perfect target audience for resellers.

For Call 48 resellers, see which platforms your prospects feel the most comfortable communicating on, and then reach out that way. Comment on a LinkedIn post, or respond to a question posted on a public forum. These activities and chats can all lead to a phone call down the road, and a phone call can lead to a deal. There’s no reason to compartmentalize these varying communications platforms. All of them are at your disposal to contact millenial customers, and the savvy salesperson will know how to use each to his or her advantage.

For the latest services and solutions that millennials will need, contact Call 48 today.