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Call 48 CPaaS Customer Portal for Origination Management

Call 48 announces the fourth generation of its CPaaS enabled customer platform VoIP Portal making it easy to manage origination VoIP services and DIDs. This state of the art customer interface allows you to take control by provisioning numbers, reviewing invoices and reports, and customize routing options. 

VoIP Portal was created for Call 48’s wholesale and reseller customer to be able to allow for real time management of DID phone numbers and coupled with our unmatchable U.S. footprint, it means provisioning has never been easier. With VoIP Portal, Call 48 provides instant access to over 15,000 rate centers and over 15,000,000 on net and off net DIDs in North America. 

Perfect for private label reseller customers looking for CPaaS enabled solutions, Call 48 offers the flexibility of offering branded SIP Trunks, hosted PBX solutions, extra VoIP lines, or all three if you choose. Our wholesale VoIP Portal allows easy private label branding, allowing you to market and sell your services as your own white label solution.

One of the most important features of the Call 48 CPaaS enabled VoIP Portal is how customizable these services are. Now in it’s 4th generation, VoIP Portal makes it easy to adapt our CPaaS solutions to your business. Gain instant flexibility to choose the features you need that work for your business and your customers. These cloud hosted services offer our wholesale and reseller clients full scalability.

Take a free demo of the Call 48’s VoIP Portal and see the CPaaS enabled power for yourself. Contact our VoIP Portal representative today. 

Call 48 The Leader in DID Origination in USA and Canada

Easily expand your digital footprint with Call 48 DID origination services in the United States of America and Canada. As a leading long distance carrier for North America, Call 48 makes it easy for our wholesale and reseller customers to expand their digital footprint. As the leader in DID origination carrier services in the United States and Canada, we deliver high-quality voice traffic over our VoIP network, across the continent, and around the world. You can help your customers stay in touch using our broad portfolio of local and long distance voice connectivity options.

Now you can leverage the power of Call 48’s extensive North American carrier relationships to order or port DID numbers in any one of more than 1,000 cities throughout Canada and the USA. Our CPaaS enabled customer platform VoIP Portal allows you to easily purchase, port, provision and point DIDs in real time with only a few keystrokes. Say goodbye to the overheads associated with managing costly PRI networks and multi-carrier order processes. We deliver PSTN-originated calls on a single trunk group to your network point of interconnection for termination.

Call 48 DID Origination Options

Flat Rate per DS0 Channel: For Carriers, resellers, and VoIP providers who have predictable call volumes or an established customer base and want a fixed monthly cost for origination.

Per Minute Pricing: For up and coming ASPs or VoIP Providers that require DID origination functionality and want more flexibility while building capacity in new markets.

Call 48 Origination Key Features

  • Local Number Origination – provides a 10-digit local phone number in one of more than 650 markets throughout Canada and the USA.
  • DID Order Management – port existing or order new DID numbers from multiple carriers.
  • Choice of Pricing Models – flat rate per channel or by-the-minute pricing.
  • Dedicated Trunk Group – aggregates traffic on a single trunk group for delivery to your switch.

Get your Call 48 United States and Canada Origination services started right now! Contact a member of the Call 48 origination team today to learn more about how we can help you increase your VoIP business profits with our origination and DID services and earn you more money.

Three Features of Call 48 United States Footprint for Resellers

The DID origination footprint is something VoIP resellers hear a lot about. At Call 48 we have the largest one in North America. Here we explain why having one, and having one of that size actually means and what an origination footprint should mean when selecting a DID origination provider.

There are three main factors when it comes to a DID footprint: 1. Coverage, 2. Cost and 3. Quality. 

Coverage means where you will be reselling your Call 48 services. Are you looking to keep it targeted to a local or regional location, like the Southeast, or do you need blanketed national coverage to provide everywhere. The cost of Call 48 DIDs is substantially lower than other providers, contact us to find out how low we go with our DIDs. Quality means you get the numbers you need and they work!

An established wholesaler VoIP provider, Call 48 has the largest footprint with the most competitive pricing. The challenge for some of these providers is having the infrastructure, systems, and people to manage these upstream carriers. Call 48 has built a proprietary back-end interface called VoIP Portal with CPaaS capabilities and provides automation, ease-of-use, and scalability as the formula for success. 

Call 48 has the largest DID origination footprint in North America, and yes that means Canada too. We have stitched together several ILECs, CLECs, and wholesale footprints to build complete coverage for our resellers to offer. The benefit of choosing Call 48 as your wholesale VoIP provider is our mixture of complete coverage and low-cost price. Our DID origination footprint also comes with all of the desired DID features. These include Caller ID (CNAM), fax (T38), and/or texting (SMS) capabilities.

Contact the Call 48 origination department today or sign up now to learn more about our DID origination footprint coverage.

Call 48 Expands its United States DID Footprint

Call 48, a leader in CPaaS enabled services, continues to further it’s VoIP footprint throughout North America, adding millions of new DIDs to its ever increasing inventory.  Now reaching almost 15,000,000 DIDs in both on net and off net inventory from more than 13,000 rate centers, Call 48 is able to deliver in-demand, flexible and innovative VoIP-based services to more than ever before.

After the demand surge brought on by the pandemic, Call 48 is positioned to serve the business marketplace across the United States and Canada. With high-quality VoIP services at industry-low prices, our expansion means our wholesale, reseller and private label customers can move into new territories with their telecom ventures.

Being able to offer our customers the footprint they needed was imperative to our business model. Call 48 has taken the time and spent the money and resources to offer complete coverage of the United States and Canada plus more than 70 other countries.

Call 48 customers experience wide-ranging benefits from having access to the United States as complete On-Net VoIP footprint. Some of these include:

  • Call 48 grants customers access from rate centers where we are registered with NPAC
  • Call 48 has both infrastructure and tandem circuitry to receive calls
  • Call 48 has multiple regulatory filings and approvals as well as state filings. 

Call 48 is committed to continuing the expansion of the size of our United States footprint. It is our goal to never have a customer say they do not have access to the phone numbers that they need.

Introduction to Call 48 Origination Services

At Call 48 we have made it our mission to be masters of VoIP origination services. Origination service is more than where a call is originated from. It also includes the DID phone number and even toll free service. Origination is the easiest way to break into the VoIP industry and the ingredient that can take your business to the next level. 

With Call 48, you can order as many phone numbers as you need for any given market. After purchasing your DIDs, port and provision them in real time using our CPaaS enabled backend customer platform called VoIP Portal. Incoming calls are routed over our state of the art Tier 1 multi-tear it IP and transport network.

With Call 48 as your origination provider, you can eliminate the huge costs associated with building a physical POP. We have taken on all the capital expenses for you. 

The first question your customers will ask if whether or not they can keep their local phone number and of course they can. 

Call 48 origination services offers features including:

  • reduced and controled costs
  • Reduced toll free usage
  • Predictable monthly pricing
  • Reliable interconnections
  • BYO internet access

Learn more about Call 48’s origination services and what it can do to increase your voice business today by contacting a member of the Call 48 origination team today.

Easily Manage DID and Origination VoIP Products

Call 48 makes it easy to manage direct inbound dialing DID products and services with a flexible and reliable solution. Our unbeatable Direct Inward Dialing products providing a flexible, reliable, and cost effective solution to acquire and manage telephone numbers. Combined with our CPaaS enabled, leading cloud-based customer portal, Call 48 offers a single interface to search, procure and activate numbers for easy origination management.

At Call 48 we provide instant access to the top regional, national and international carriers; removing the traditional vendor swivel chair process. This makes for simple and seamless DID management. With one tier pricing and least cost sourcing, Call 48 enables our customers to focus on growing their business.

Through one of the largest global wholesale carrier footprints, featuring no minimum orders and per-minute and per-session rates, Call 48 resellers gain quick access to low, pre-negotiated rates on local/domestic and international DID and toll-free numbers.

With a combined six decades of experience, the Call 48 staff are experts at providing IP telephony and support our customers with dependable, carrier-class service and a robust IP-optimized network. Our 24/7 technical support keeps everything up and running smoothly, and our redundant, state-of-the-art soft switches and distributed architecture ensure network resilience.

If you need phone numbers you have come to the right place! Contact a representative from the Call 48 DID team to find out how we can help you procure the origination products that you need at the lowest rates around.

Establish a POP with Complete VoIP Origination Services

You no longer have to deal with establishing an actual point of presence. Call 48 can help you gain a local POP anywhere in the world. With our wholesale origination VoIP services, Call 48 offers geographical and toll-free telephone numbers all over the globe. With Call 48’s global footprint, you gain access to more than 15,000,000 on net and off net local DID phone numbers in inventory from more than 13,000 rate centers in more than 120 countries around the world and most major cities across the globe. 

Call 48 Delivers Fast and Affordable Global Reach

With carrier-grade wholesale origination solutions, Call 48 delivers local toll free numbers in more than 13,000 rate centers across the globe. Receive inbound voice calls and faxes from over 70 countries worldwide while providing your customers with the easiest way to contact you.

Here are a few main features you get by utilizing the Call 48 origination solution:

  • Easily create multiple SIP acounts for all your users: Enjoy powerful, easy to use account control panel.
  • Expansive Call 48 origination coverage: Thanks to our purposefully built, highly redundant POP network.
  • Crystal clear call quality and SIP trunking: Carrier-grade technology and know-how your business can rely on.
  • Highly competitive wholesale  rates: Upgrade to premium call quality for an extremely low cost.

With Call 48 origination services and solutions, our customers have the option to choose from thousands of telephone numbers currently in stock, giving you lightning-fast setup and deployment. And together with our toll-free numbers option, your company will be all set.

Think you have already explored the full extent of our complete origination service? Think again! Contact a member of the Call 48 origination team today for a free demo and let us surprise you with just how much you get in a single solution.

Launch Your VoIP Reseller Business with DIDs

If the time to break into the VoIP reseller marketplace is now then the easiest and fastest way to do so is with DIDs. DID stands for Direct Inbound Dialing and in the simplest terms is your phone number. And Call 48 can supply your up and coming VoIP reseller business with some of the least expensive DIDs around. 

Call 48 is able to supply DIDs at such a low cost rate is because we are a turn key VoIP Business Solution provider. If you purchase a turn-key system, we can also enable the DIDs per calling area. For example, one supplier can supply over 10,000 different DIDs and we can facilitate the others for you. With this type of pricing, you can give yourself more freedom in your business mode.

A DID is the local number that is routed to your VoIP handset or phone via a pbx or gateway. For example if you wanted to give a US number to a friend in Canada, they would need to buy a US DID and this number could ring their Canadian IP phone or PBX. In addition, you can use DIDs to run a calling card business, ISP, or VoIP service, once again you use the phone numbers – DIDs – as the link to your cluster of services.

If the gateway connects to the PSTN through digital trunks, the gateway owner buys from the trunk provider any desired number of DIDs to identify IP phones on the private network. The private network being your clients or as a consumer … you.

If you are starting a VoIP business or are looking to make more money in your VoIP phone company, Call 48 has the DIDs and the solution so you can do it. We are one of the largest holder of DIDs in North America and offer DID numbers globally at extremely low rates. We currently offer more than 15,000,000 on net and off net DIDs fro more than 13,000 rate centers.

For more information about getting phone numbers in the US and Canada, and sending traffic from the DIDs to your Gateway, contact Call 48 today. We can provide you with all the tools you need to launch your VoIP reseller business.

Call 48 CPaaS Cloud-Based Solutions

Call 48 CPaaS solutions were already a standout with our wholesale customers and resellers who wanted real-time control of their clients accounts. With access via our state of the art VoIP Portal 4.0, customers were already enjoying the ability to make changes as they saw fit. And then the pandemic hit…

Our CPaaS solutions were already requested but there was rabid demand in 2020 motivated by the instant need of remote working. Where there was already an increase in volume of CPaaS service as companies were moving away from on-premise phone systems to cloud based ones, Call 48 saw a surge in CPaaS requests from our customers. 

With employees now working from home, Call 48 customers could have all of their office DIDs rerouted from their desk phone to mobile ones or their home phones. With two choices—either use your personal phone and have that number out or use a Call 48 DID number that remained private—there was a dramatic increase.

The Call 48 VoIP Portal gives you complete CPaaS access to everything a wholesale or reseller could want or need to be in the telecom world. From DIDs to SMS, from voicemail transcriptions to text to speech, it’s all available and fully controllable in real time by either the portal or an API to control the portal. We make it simple to give different permissions out to different employees at a moment’s notice so a company can handle who needs access to what.

If a Call 48 customer needs access to more DIDs, they have access in real time. It’s as simple as clicking on buy a local number and within seconds to phone numbers in whatever state, rate center and NPA they are looking for both on net and off net. And Call 48 has the largest United States footprint with over 15,000,000 on net and off net numbers in inventory from more than 13,000 rate centers.

The pandemic completely transformed consumer behavior. As a result, businesses  had to quickly figure out how to get closer to their employees and customers in this new reality. Take advantage of Call 48 CPaaS capabilities via our VoIP Portal for your customers. Contact us to find out how our CPaaS solutions can work for you.

Call 48 Specializes in DID Phone Numbers and VoIP Origination

The first thing needed to make a phone call is a phone number and that’s why Call 48 specializes in DID phone numbers for the United States and Canada. With access to more than 13,000 rate centers throughout the United States and Canada, Call 48 is a premier CPAAS provider offering unparalleled VoIP origination services starting at $0.15 per number and $5 channels.

US and Canada VoIP DIDs

Through our proprietary VoIP Portal, Call 48 customers have instant access and provisioning to over 15,000,000 on net and off net DID phone numbers currently in inventory. Our web management portal additionally delivers the freedom to search, purchase, and provision DIDs in real-time. Telephone numbers can be selected in several ways: by network, tier, NPA, state, rate center, LATA, and vanity.

In addition to the incredible availability, individual Call 48DID numbers can be customized online with add-on features such as CNAM (caller ID delivery and storage), SMS, T.38 (faxing over IP), fax-to-email, email-to-fax, E911 emergency and alert notification service, and 411 directory assistance.

Toll Free VoIP DIDs

Call 48 toll free DID phone numbers can be instantly provisioned. We can also port existing toll free DIDs to our network. Toll free DIDs are ideal for customers of resellers and wholesalers because they can be dialed from any phone in the United States at no cost to the caller. Vanity wholesale toll free DIDs (think 1-800-MY-PIZZA) are also available.

International VoIP DIDs

The world is a small place so you should have presence wherever you want. Call 48 offers you global presence, with over 120 countries and thousands of area codes around the world. Call 48 offers one of the largest international DID origination coverage in the VoIP industry. Our extensive selection of international DIDs gives our customers access to local phone numbers in thousands of cities.

Each Call 48 international DID is billed on a flat-rate, fixed monthly fee service. This means no per-minute charges and our talking on the phone as much as you want for a low, monthly flat charge. This includes an unlimited number of calls, with no limit on the length of each call. Moreover, each number is provided with two channels, allowing two concurrent incoming calls on the same number.

To find out more about the VoIP origination DID options Call 48 can provide you, as well as our International Rate list, contact us now so you can get your customers calling!