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Call 48 CPaaS for the Evolving Workplace

The modern workplace is constantly evolving. Workers use their computers, smartphones, and tablets to communicate and collaborate from anywhere and at any time. They rely on different forms of communication too, including messaging, video, voice, and emails. The problem is, with so many different modes of communication, the message often becomes fragmented. That’s where Call 48 CPaaS come into play.

Call 48 CPaaS enabled solutions unlock more streamlined communication tools for businesses. The “as a service” cloud delivery model means that organizations can access all of their communication tools via the cloud so they don’t have to manage a data hardware room or backend infrastructure. 

At Call 48 we use CPaaS to combine the essential communication functions into a single platform. With a single click, workers can move seamlessly from their computers to their phones without missing a beat. Our CPaaS offers streamlined communication that keeps up with today’s fast-paced workflows.

Biggest Benefits of Call 48 CPaaS

  1. Flexibility: Call 48 CPaaS enabled solutions offer full flexibility. This means not only can you control the features that it has, but also the integrations with APIs.
  2. Scalability: Another huge benefit of Call 48 CPaaS is that these solutions scale with businesses as they grow and change. Since users access the Call 48 customer CPaaS platform VoIP Portal through the cloud, they can log on anywhere, with any connected device. This enables real-time communication between employees in different office locations or those working remotely. 
  3. Cost: Cloud communications tools save organizations money as opposed to traditional on-premises technology. There’s no need to maintain physical infrastructure on-site, front installation costs, or hire specialized IT personnel to manage the technology.

Businesses that want to keep their workflows while integrating proprietary communications features, or those with specific security or scalability needs, should contact a Call 48 CPaaS specialist right now.

Call 48 CPaaS Telephony Technology

The way we communicate has changed so much in the last 20 years, let alone the last 20 months. From instant messaging to social media, video calls and beyond, these innovations are a huge reason why Call 48 is a Communications Platforms as a Service (CPAAS) provider.

One of the hottest sectors in technology, Call 48 CPaaS technology makes it easy to give almost any internet-connected device or application telephone functionality. As one of the leading CPaas providers, we make it simple for any application to have APIs embedded in communications. 

Call 48 makes it easy to enable voice, messaging, video, and other collaboration features into applications or software services via API with ease. Being a cloud-based CPaaS provider, we give developers the ability to add real-time communications features to their own applications without needing to build backend infrastructure and interfaces. 

There’s no need to build your own development framework. Call 48 offers a complete development framework for building real-time communications. This typically includes software tools, standards-based APIs, sample code, and pre-built applications. As a leading CPaaS provider, we also provide support and product documentation to make the development process easier. 

Whether it’s texting, video functions like Skype, programmable voice, and apps, all of them will see some type of communication functionality. Be ready for the changes in communications. Contact Call 48 to learn more about our CPaaS capabilities.