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How Call 48 Meets Post Pandemic Communication Demands

When the 2020 pandemic hit, it forced us home. To learn from home, to teach from home, to exercise at home, love our friends and family from home. When it came to work, it meant building and innovating from home, and that’s what Call 48 did, with CPaaS enabled tools and platforms that make the new work/life reality today possible.

What the global pandemic made other see for the first time was something that Call 48 already saw, that communications needed to be brought into the 21st century with a presence with cloud-based VoIP services. Communications are no longer merely a service measured by minutes and messages, but rather solutions provided as part of a dynamic real-time platform, allowing for integration with adjacent applications, exponential scale and unfettered creativity and flexibility.

While it is no small task to break free of antiquated premise-based analog telecom infrastructure, Call 48 was there to help them meet the real-time requirements they sought. With our wholesale, reseller and private label customers, Call 48 is a partner, helping them tackle the myriad of technical and regulatory challenges that come with migrating their communications to VoIP services. And while some companies were already en route to shift communications services to the cloud, it accelerated or even started the plans of others.

VoIP Portal, our CPaaS enabled customer platform now in its fourth generation, is rich with APIs, real time capabilities, UCaaS and automation. It gives Call 48 customers access to complete coverage of the United States for DIDs and origination from more than 13,000 rate centers and over 180 LATAs.

We believe the hybrid work environment will be commonly accepted moving forward and Call 48 customers of all types and sizes will be able to continue business as usual utilizing the capabilities we provide. Contact us today to learn more about how Call 48 can help you take your business into the new normal.

Competitive Wholesale VoIP Carrier Services and Solutions

Why sell huge numbers to your customers are reseller pricing? Call 48 offers wholesale pricing to those who understand the commitment to customers and sales needed to a carrier to become a wholesale provider. 

Call 48 offers carrier grade carrier services at wholesale pricing including:

Support, Support, Support

You want to know that your carrier is there for you when you need them and at Call 48 we cannot state it any more plainly: We provide support to our wholesalers. Call 48 offers billing support 24/7. If there is a question, we will answer it.

Complete Carrier Services

Call 48 sets no limits limit to what you can offer your clients. Call 48 offers both origination and termination, as well as a suite of other carrier services including toll free for our wholesale agents. 

Global Coverage

Don’t feel limited by your geography. Call 48 allows you and your customers to make calls anywhere on the globe. It doesn’t matter where your customers are calling. 

Fully Branded Solutions

We offer the ability to grant you fully branded private label VoIP services, where your customers know you, not us. We’re not out to poach your customers or profits. 

Get started today as a Call 48 wholesale agent. We’ll help you grow your VoIP wholesale business, increase your profits, and make you money while saving your customers money. Contact a member of our wholesale team today to find out more.