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Resellers Demo Call 48 Softswitch Free

Your VoIP reseller business means a lot to you so choosing the right platform and softswitch should be a high priority. That’s why Call 48 lets you demo our Class 4 and Class 5 softswitch for free so you can truly understand their power. 

Whether you are launching, growing or adding to your reseller services, the Call 48  Class 5 V1 VoIP VoIP softswitch is available for you to demo for FREE.

On your free demo tour, you will get a first hand account to get on-line access to our fully functional softswitch, where you can see how our softswitch will allow you to test capacity for simultaneous calls. The Class 4 and Class 5 V1 VoIP Solution demo version includes communication tools including billing. Moreover, the client has the access to all routing, VoIP billing and financial analysis tools implemented in the Softswitch.

The free Call 48 demo test access ensures the system high efficiency in all VoIP business processes including origination and termination points, dynamic routing, price lists creation and update, calls statistics monitoring, invoices creation and automatic sending to customers, user rights management, technical parameters monitoring and traffic quality analysis, etc. The user has the access to a wide variety of financial tools for diverse analysis of VoIP business processes.

Our softswitch can be installed with various modules set. Standard configuration includes the Softswitch with billing module. Enhanced configuration can be supplemented with transcoding, and revenue assurance system Guardian. You can also use the hosted solution. The hosted VoIP switch includes all the available modules.

What are you waiting for? The demo is FREE! Contact a member of the Call 48 team to schedule your free demo of our softswitch now to see the power of our services and solutions.