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Private Label VoIP Origination Solutions

Call 48 offers VoIP providers the ability custom brand our private label solutions which will allow you to increase your revenue streams, diversify your VoIP product offerings, and differentiate yourself from your competitors. With minimal risk and investment our full featured VoIP phone solutions address all types of Internet connections and network connectivity.

By providing access to numbers in over 13,000 rate centers across the contiguous U.S. and Canada, Call 48 provides instant access and provisioning to over 15,000,000 on net and off net DIDs through our number warehouse with CPAAS technology. Our web management portal provides you with the freedom to search, purchase, and provision numbers in real-time.

Call 48 provides one of the largest international coverage of virtual numbers, with global presence in over 120 countries and thousands of area codes around the world. Our extensive selection of international DID gives you access to local phone numbers in thousands of cities.

Call 48 offers an extremely flexible hosted billing system that integrates your business requirements with your existing billing structure. Our back office suite of billing and reporting tools provide real-time data feeds regarding every aspect of your VoIP solution. Our proprietary online VoIP Portal, which allows you to access and manage all of our services 24×7. Everything from ordering DIDs to local number porting to accessing billing and support, all in one easy to use web portal.

Create your own brand under our flag. Take a free demo of Call 48 by contacting us today and learn how we can grow your business.