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One Tier Domestic Wholesale VoIP Pricing

One Tier. One Price.

When customers left their old provider and came to Call 48 we heard them complain about complicated multi-tier pricing. Whether there were simply too many different tiers or the complicated way it made their customer bills look, they hated that a calls were different costs across the board.

So we listened. And we did away with tiered pricing.

With Call 48’s one tier of domestic pricing we make your life easy. There is one price for United States DID’s with your choice of either metered rates with UNLIMITED Channels or Channel-based pricing with UNLIMITED Usage with US Origination Metered pricing at $0.0029 per Minute or US origination channel rates at $5.00 per Channel.

Our ease of service doesn’t stop there. Wholesale clients take advantage of our state-of-the-art backend support system called VoIP Portal. Get in the moment access to our complete suite of carrier services including:

• Search by state, rate center, NPA/NXX
• Over 13,000 US rate centers
• Advanced Forwarding to up to 3 local numbers or IP addresses
• Ability to Bulk Update/Changes
• Available In and Outbound CNAM
• Available In and Outbound Fax
• Available Directory Listing

If you are interested in learning more about origination pricing, contact us now to get started. One of the reasons why people get into offering VoIP is because the phone bill was supposed to be less complicated than the regular landline carriers. And at Call 48, we believe that your phone bill should be completely straight forward.