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One Price North America Origination

Call 48 offers unmatched origination carrier services for the North American continent. Whether you need origination VoIP services for the United States or Canada, our inbound origination DID service is an innovative solution for VoIP resellers.

Call 48 allows resellers a simple and fast way to provision local Direct Inward Dial (DID) terminated to their VOIP gateways anywhere in the world. This solution may mitigate the need to establish multiple Points of Presence (POP). In addition, this solution allows for simple disaster recovery, when a gateway fails or Internet connectivity solutions are not working, a DID or Toll Free number can be routed to a secondary gateway within minutes.

Local DID services leverage our PSTN capabilities while giving customers the control they need to create new products and services through SIP / VoIP. While doing so interconnection expenses are reduced over comparable traditional services while allowing for additional network redundancy over having one single PSTN interconnection point.

DID origination product pricing options:

  • Per minute incoming usage based (unlimited channel incoming)
  • Session or Simultaneous call based (no per minute usage charges) monthly recurring charge for DID from eligible rate centers only
  • Virtual PRI in major markets (price per 23 channels)

Toll Free DID inbound coverage includes:

  • US 48 states, US 48 + Canada, US 50 states + Canada.

Toll Free Origination product pricing options:

  • Toll Free to SIP Origination pricing based on the originating area code (npa nxx)
  • Toll Free to SIP on a flat rate

Our origination rates for the USA and Canada are the lowest you can find. Don’t believe us? Contact a member of the Call 48 origination team and to confirm the rates you need today.