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Launch Your VoIP Reseller Business with DIDs

If the time to break into the VoIP reseller marketplace is now then the easiest and fastest way to do so is with DIDs. DID stands for Direct Inbound Dialing and in the simplest terms is your phone number. And Call 48 can supply your up and coming VoIP reseller business with some of the least expensive DIDs around. 

Call 48 is able to supply DIDs at such a low cost rate is because we are a turn key VoIP Business Solution provider. If you purchase a turn-key system, we can also enable the DIDs per calling area. For example, one supplier can supply over 10,000 different DIDs and we can facilitate the others for you. With this type of pricing, you can give yourself more freedom in your business mode.

A DID is the local number that is routed to your VoIP handset or phone via a pbx or gateway. For example if you wanted to give a US number to a friend in Canada, they would need to buy a US DID and this number could ring their Canadian IP phone or PBX. In addition, you can use DIDs to run a calling card business, ISP, or VoIP service, once again you use the phone numbers – DIDs – as the link to your cluster of services.

If the gateway connects to the PSTN through digital trunks, the gateway owner buys from the trunk provider any desired number of DIDs to identify IP phones on the private network. The private network being your clients or as a consumer … you.

If you are starting a VoIP business or are looking to make more money in your VoIP phone company, Call 48 has the DIDs and the solution so you can do it. We are one of the largest holder of DIDs in North America and offer DID numbers globally at extremely low rates. We currently offer more than 15,000,000 on net and off net DIDs fro more than 13,000 rate centers.

For more information about getting phone numbers in the US and Canada, and sending traffic from the DIDs to your Gateway, contact Call 48 today. We can provide you with all the tools you need to launch your VoIP reseller business.