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Introduction to Call 48 Origination Services

At Call 48 we have made it our mission to be masters of VoIP origination services. Origination service is more than where a call is originated from. It also includes the DID phone number and even toll free service. Origination is the easiest way to break into the VoIP industry and the ingredient that can take your business to the next level. 

With Call 48, you can order as many phone numbers as you need for any given market. After purchasing your DIDs, port and provision them in real time using our CPaaS enabled backend customer platform called VoIP Portal. Incoming calls are routed over our state of the art Tier 1 multi-tear it IP and transport network.

With Call 48 as your origination provider, you can eliminate the huge costs associated with building a physical POP. We have taken on all the capital expenses for you. 

The first question your customers will ask if whether or not they can keep their local phone number and of course they can. 

Call 48 origination services offers features including:

  • reduced and controled costs
  • Reduced toll free usage
  • Predictable monthly pricing
  • Reliable interconnections
  • BYO internet access

Learn more about Call 48’s origination services and what it can do to increase your voice business today by contacting a member of the Call 48 origination team today.