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Increasing VoIP Service Flexibility with Call 48 CPaaS

Help bring your customers the Real Time Communication capabilities they need, at the speeds they’ve grown accustomed to—instantly!—with Call 48 CPaaS solutions.

CPaaS stands for Communications Platform as a Service and offers more affordable pricing and customization capabilities. Call 48 implements our CPaaS through our backend customer platform, VoIP Portal, now in it’s fourth generation. CPaaS offers more affordable pricing and customization capabilities, allowing Call 48 pricing to be more flexible, so you can find options that fit your business’ needs. 

Call 48 CPaaS Offers Full Flexibility

The true beauty of Call 48 CPaaS comes from the flexibility it offers. All functions of Call 48’s VoIP Portal are controlled by API, giving you the ability to pick and choose what features to include in your solution. This means from DID purchasing and provisioning, to features like transcriptions and text to speech can be controlled in real time. Because VoIP Portal is cloud-based and API controlled, when new features are available, the APIs are prototyped, implemented, and released much faster.

There is a huge number of APIs to choose from when it comes to Call 48 CPaaS, giving you the flexibility to customize your communication with the tools that work best for your needs. These will vary depending on what features you need and the finer points of your existing communication strategies.

Another way Call 48 offers full flexibility through CPaaS is that APIs are not limited by number. If your need to implement functions goes from two to ten or 100, you don’t need a different or upgraded API. Call 48 allows you to scale without the need to update your APIs. So whether you are adding new features or increasing the employee count, VoIP Portal can handle the change. 

Call 48’s VoIP Portal gives you everything you could ever want or need to be in the telecom world with the full flexibility of CPaaS. Contact a member of our CPaaS team today for a free demo of the VoIP Portal.