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Grow Your International Presence with VoIP DIDs

Call 48 allows customers to extend the international reach of their telephone network rapidly and with limited costs. When your customers need to extend their international footprint around the globe Call 48 can take them global with our warehouse of international DID phone numbers. 

As a premier CPAAS provider Call 48 we maintain a supply of international phone numbers and generates millions of minutes per month. In a growing number of countries, existing telephone numbers can be ported through the Call 48 DID service. Additionally, Call 48 offers its customers the ability to select special or “golden” numbers as a value-added service. 

The number of associated channels determines the number of simultaneous incoming calls on DID. Each channel allows for one concurrent call. Contrary to traditional voice services, the channels are not linked to countries and numbers because numbers from different countries can share capacity.

Voice calls, faxes and text messages sent to Call 48 phone numbers are collected from local fixed or mobile telephone networks around the world and are converted to VoIP (SIP) by a VoIP/media gateway. Calls are then routed via redundant IP links to the nearest Call48 POPS and they are then transported to the customer’s VoIP network, anywhere in the world.

Don’t worry about where you need a VoIP DID from. Call 48 has thousands of pretested telephone numbers in stock, so all provisioning requests and configuration changes are executed in real time. Customers can interconnect with Call 48 backbone via the public Internet or through direct interconnects in one or more POPS in Europe… This can take place via SIP or TDM.

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