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The Future of VoIP Communications is CPaaS in the Cloud

The world is undergoing a profound technological change in how we communicate and Call 48 is positioned at the center of it. We are meeting the challenges with a combination of assets to meet emerging and dynamic communications needs including our powerful, CPaaS-enabled software platform, VoIP Portal, integrated with a global communications network, decades of industry expertise, long-standing embedded customer relationships, and a culture of exceptional service and constant innovation.

In the midst of unprecedented digital transformation, Call 48 sees the future clearly in the cloud. As global business communications move to the cloud, this is a trend that will continue long after the world reawakens from the global pandemic. Regardless of size, companies understand that if they need the quality, scalability and flexibility that can only be found with cloud based services and solution.

But the migration to the cloud is well, cloudier than many realize, with technical and regulatory hurdles to overcome varying from one customer and country to the next. Call 48 knows our customers are trusting us with their mission-critical communication needs.

The continued successful execution of our CPaaS enabled solutions is made possible by our customer interface, VoIP Portal. Now in its fourth generation, this platform gives customers access to our complete United States footprint coverage along with 80 countries. By utilizing our CPaaS platform Call 48 customers are ensured the flexibility, reliability and scalability that they are looking for, rapidly with more flexibility and real time control.