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The Flexibility of Call 48 CPaaS Solutions

The biggest benefit of CPaaS is its flexibility. CPaaS and flexibility are partners that walk hand in hand. Call 48 has built it’s CPaaS enabled service on the back of our customer platform VoIP Portal with a spine made of ‘as a Service’ solutions. This state of the art customer portal gives our wholesale, reseller and private label customers the ability achieve flexibility with changes made in real time. 

When it comes to our customers’ needs, VoIP Portal has you covered. For some they need complete customization to meet unique needs of those they service, and for others it’s simple as plug and play that’s ready to go.  

At Call 48 we understand that CPaaS flexibility comes from ease of use. We offer API access to integrate with our VoIP Portal. With this access our resellers have the option to customize your communication with the tools that work best for them. 

When you only have seconds to make changes for your customers, we give you the ability to make changes. Our CPaaS enabled VoIP Portal is in it’s fourth generation and is exactly the tool you need for true flexibility with real time communication capabilities. With VoIP Portal resellers can do real time purchasing, provisioning, and porting of DIDs for your customers. Whether routing phone calls to multiple IP addresses or adding a failover to a mobile phone, we let you make real time changes effortlessly. 

The future of communication is centered around flexibility. Call 48 CPaaS can take you into the future with the flexibility of VoIP Portal. Contact our CPaaS department today for a free demo of our CPaaS to see what it can do for you.