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Expand Your VoIP Telecom Footprint

Expand your digital telecom footprint with Call 48, a leading CPAAS provider and long distance carrier of DID origination services in the United States of America and Canada. Call 48 is the leader in DID origination carrier services in the United States and Canada, delivering high-quality VoIP traffic over our VoIP network, across the continent, and around the world. Help your customers stay in touch using our broad portfolio of local and long distance voice connectivity options.

Leverage true telecom power! Call 48 offers resellers extensive North American carrier relationships to order or port DID numbers in any one of more than 7000 cities throughout Canada and the USA.  Avoid the overheads associated with managing costly PRI networks and multi-carrier order processes, and let us deliver PSTN-originated calls on a single trunk group to your network point of interconnection for termination.

Call 48 DID Origination Options

Flat Rate per DS0 Channel: For carriers, resellers, and VoIP providers who have predictable call volumes or an established customer base and want a fixed monthly cost for origination.

Call 48 Per Minute Pricing: For up and coming ASPs or VoIP providers that require DID origination telecom functionality and want more flexibility while building capacity in new markets.

Call 48 VoIP Origination Key Features

Local Number Origination – provides a 10-digit local phone number in one of more than 650 markets throughout Canada and the USA.

DID Order Management – port existing or order new DID numbers from multiple carriers

Pricing Options – flat rate per channel or by-the-minute pricing.

Dedicated Trunk Group – aggregates traffic on a single trunk group for delivery to your switch.

Get your Call 48 United States and Canada origination services started right now! Contact a member of the Call 48 origination team today to learn more about how we can help you increase your VoIP business profits with our origination and DID services and earn you more money.