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DID and VoIP Origination Management Made Simple at Call 48

At Call 48 we like to brag about our footprint. With more than 15,000,000 numbers in inventory from over 13,000 rate centers and over 180 LATAs across the U.S., who wouldn’t? But once you have access to our numbers, whether you are buying, porting, or provisioning, you’re going to need to manage them. And Call 48 makes it easy to do so in real time.

With our CPaaS enabled platform called VoIP Portal, handling your DIDs and origination is as simple as point and click. This state of the art VoIP management system makes it easy to procure and activate your numbers, as well as administer them and you can do it all in seconds.

Our comprehensive origination service opens the doors for wholesale, reseller and private label VoIP customers to get local access numbers at an incredibly low price. With normalized tier pricing and least cost sourcing, we enable our resellers to focus on growing their business.

Grow your phone number inventory! Call 48 offers amazing DID products providing a flexible, reliable, and cost effective solution to acquire and manage your telephone numbers. Contact a Call 48 DID representative now to purchase VoIP origination and DIDs.