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CPaaS Enabled Customer Platform in Fourth Generation

The Call 48 CPaaS enabled VoIP Portal is now in it’s fourth generation. Offering an intuitive and responsive interface, this state of the art customer platform provides real time ability to purchase and control DIDs as well as their provisioning, porting and pointing them to phone systems. 

At Call 48 we recognize that CPaaS is the developmental response to the growing need that companies have for more flexible and scalable environments. That’s why VoIP Portal is being updated and upgraded is a top priority.

Call 48 employs a full time development team solely dedicated to the management and updating of this CPaaS platform. Updates to the platform are pushed out on a consistent basis as keeping up with the needs of our customers is paramount.

As a CPaaS enabled customer interface, VoIP Portal offers full flexibility to our customers, and that’s why we ensure our platform be able to evolve as new updates become available.

All of VoIP Portal’s capabilities including customizing routing options and reviewing invoices are easily controlled in real time by the VoIP Portal or an API to control the portal. We continue our pledge to complete flexibility with our CPaaS solutions and API implementation.

As CPaaS has become one of the most valuable tools in VoIP, we have positioned Call 48 to have the epitome of flexibility for organizations looking to add new functionality to their communication. Contact a member of the Call 48 CPaaS team today for a free demo of the flexibility of VoIP Portal.