Complete VoIP Origination Coverage of Canada

When it comes to origination coverage of Canada and the North American continent, no one provides more complete coverage than Call 48. Our VoIP origination footprint covers over 95% of the United States and Canada, offering both reseller and wholesale VoIP service. We provide customers the ability to receive calls, purchase DIDs, and port DID telephone numbers in Canada. As the top domestic VoIP wholesaler in North America, Call 48 offers an unparalleled aggregation model.

Along with blanketing Canada with origination, we also handle service in Puerto Rico and Hawaii, making for a complete North American service package. Call 48 customers will be able to enjoy a full array of domestic VoIP services from a single wholesale provider, including origination, termination, local and toll-free number porting, and features such as CNAM and T.38 faxing.

Over the years, Call 48 has solidified lasting relationships with major fixed line and long distance carriers from all over the globe. Because of our good standing, our customers can port in their phone number from over 690 rate centers – more rate centres in Canada than any other fixed wire or VoIP provider (resellers excepted). 

Having established itself as a leading player in the VoIP industry, both at home and abroad, Call 48 features one of the largest VoIP networks with more than 13,000 rate centers, and also boasts a DID warehouse with over 15,000,000 on net and off net VoIP phone numbers.

If you have been seeking VoIP origination services and solutions for Canada, look no further than Call 48. Contact Call 48 today and ask for our Canada specialist.

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