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Complete US Origination Coverage for All Your DID Needs

When you need to get a new phone number for one of your VoIP customers, Call 48 makes it as easy as find and buy. By using our CPaaS enabled customer platform, you can find DIDs from all over the country—and across the world—on our network without the need to go to other providers.

With 10,000,000 phone numbers from 13,000 rate centers and 180 LATAs, Call 48 allows you to locate the local phone number you need within seconds for purchasing. With locations across the country geographically redundant, Call 48 can get you the DIDs you need at a price below what our competitors can offer.

No More Multiple Providers

Let’s face it, having to go to multiple providers for the numbers you need is a hassle and a pain. For example, you need a DID in Milwaukee and your provider doesn’t have it. Maybe they are out of inventory and maybe they don’t cover that footprint. Either way, it means you are waiting and worse, your customer is waiting. And in this age where we text, we email, we want it now, you can’t afford to wait. Call 48 makes sure you don’t have to because we have millions of numbers on our network and more are added every day.

With our complete coverage of the United States you never have to wait for the DIDs you need. With our CPaaS enabled VoIP Portal platform, you can purchase your phone numbers in real time, as well as provision them and port them to your system with full API control.

Don’t believe us? Test out our VoIP Portal for free and see how easy it is to procure the phone numbers that you need.