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Canada Wholesale VoIP Services and Solutions

Canada is a hot VoIP market for Call 48 wholesale services and solutions

One of the fastest growing demographics in VoIP services is in… Canada! The amount of VoIP users in Canada continues to grow and Call 48 offers wholesale VoIP services geared specifically to Canadian end users that our customers are loving.

When it comes to Canadian phone numbers, Call 48 cannot be beat. We offer the largest database of Canadian DIDs or virtual phone numbers for resellers, pulling DIDs from more than 7,300 rate centers making it an ideal way to port over exisiting phone numbers.

When it comes to VoIP in the Great White North, Call 48 can confirm that Canadian users are looking for VoIP service that covers the scope of the country rather than a local municipality, just like US VoIP service should offer VoIP service that covers all 50 United States and not just Texas. Call 48 allows our wholesale customers to offer Canada VoIP service at a fraction of the price of their traditional members and the service is highly in demand.

V1 VoIP resellers are hearing their Canada customers say that the voice quality on their VoIP service is vastly improved and they are enjoying the lower costs, specifically with their overseas and long distance rates.

Between the high call quality and the low cost rates our customer providing Canada service say they prefer our Call 48 VoIP service much more than the traditional or conventional phone service. For a residence or a small business needing a cost-effective way to do business at the office, Call 48 services and solutions are the key to success.

Contact Call 48 now to get started reselling in the Canadian market and learn more about our Canada DID porting rates.