Call 48 Origination Four Features to Success

Call 48 explains the four features which lead to VoIP origination service success“>Ask any Call 48 customer what makes them successful and they will say that we offer the the four most important features that lead to sales. Because of these factors, they become successful at gaining new customers and having current ones rely on them for inbound, origination services. </p>
<p><strong>1. Our Pricing</strong><br />
When it comes to gaining new business, its all about the money. Now more than ever companies care about their bottom line, how much they are spending and what they are getting for that money. When it comes to offering a good price for domestic origination services, youwon’t be able to find lower than what Call 48 offers. Whether you need pre-paid or pay-as-you-go plans, Call 48 offers you options so all you need to do is decide which payment plan works better.</p>
<p><strong>2. Premium Quality</strong><br />
It’s not enough to provide customers with the lowest origination rates possible, Call 48 compliments the pricing with incomparable quality and our redundancy for reliability. Call 48 clients can feel confident knowing their we have taken the time and made the investment to make sure our network is redundant and with extensive coverage.</p>
<p><strong>3. Global Coverage </strong><br />
And speaking of coverage! Competitors may ‘claim’ to offer global coverage when in fact their network offer offer only limited coverage at best. Call 48 actually <em>has</em> points of presence in multiple locations for amazing global coverage.</p>
<p>4. <strong>Support</strong><br />
We are here for you when you need us. Great VoIP origination comes with support teams that are there for their customers when they are needed. And Call 48 is here to support our customers when they have questions or concerns. </p>
<p>Whether you are new to the VoIP industry or have been offering origination services and solutions for years, Call 48 understands what leads to success. While these four features may seem obvious, those looking to make the switch to VoIP for their inbound, origination services see them as the four pillars to making a successful sale. With Call 48 as your carrier for origination services, you are set up for success. And YOU succeed, so do we! Contact a member of the Call 48 team today to learn more about our origination services. </p>
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