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Call 48 Offers VoIP Resellers The Keys to Success

Call 48 is excited to have new resellers aboard. We are one of the few providers that believe our success comes when our resellers succeed. But jumping into the VoIP reseller pool isn’t without it’s challenges and we help our new resellers overcome them. 

At Call 48 we provide our resellers the flexibility to run their business their way. Want to get into CPaaS? We have the APIs you requested and developers on standby! Focusing on origination and DIDs? We have over 15,000,000 numbers on net and off net in inventory from over 13,000 rate centers! All you need to do is decide the area you want to resell and hit it head on.

Not only will you be given access to the features your customers want and need, you will get them with transparent access to their price. This allows you to set your rates accordingly for services and solutions for a maximum return of profits.

What really separates the Call 48 reseller program from others is our state of the art, proprietary portal called VoIP Portal. With this revolutionary customer portal you can provision DIDs in real time, assign different services to customers and so much more. We’ve made it user friendly for changing things in a moment’s notice and made billing your customers a breeze. 

Call 48 prides ourselves on making our resellers a success. If you are looking to add to your portfolio of VoIP services and solutions or just want to get started making money in the telephony space, contact Call 48 today to increase your profits.