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Call 48 Offers Entire United States as DID Origination Footprint

Looking for a DID and origination service in the United States? Call 48 has it. With complete coverage of the entire continent, Call 48 offers more than 15,000,000 DID phone numbers from more than 13,000 rate centers and over 180 LATAs.

As a leader in CPaaS enabled services, Call 48 delivers in-demand, flexible and more innovative VoIP-based services than ever before. After the demand surge brought on by the pandemic, Call 48 is positioned to serve the business marketplace across the United States and Canada. With high-quality VoIP services at industry-low prices, our expansion means our wholesale, reseller and private label customers can move into new territories with their telecom ventures.

And we are committed to continuing to further it’s VoIP footprint throughout North America and the world. Call 48 has taken the time and spent the money and resources to offer complete coverage of the United States and Canada plus more than 70 other countries.

Call 48 customers experience wide-ranging benefits from having access to the United States as complete On-Net VoIP footprint. Some of these include:

* Call 48 grants customers access from rate centers where we are registered with NPAC
* Call 48 has both infrastructure and tandem circuitry to receive calls
* Call 48 has multiple regulatory filings and approvals as well as state filings. 

Call 48 is committed to making sure our wholesale, private label and reseller customers continue to be able to acquire the DID phone numbers they need. It is our goal to never have a customer say they do not have access to the phone numbers that they need. Get your phone numbers now by contacting a member of the Call 48 origination team.