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Call 48 Explains the Local Number Porting Process

A VoIP customer keeps their number because the number is ‘ported’ from a network to a provider. When the number is local, this is referred to as Local Number Portability (LNP). LNP is not as difficult as you may believe and with the Call 48 guide to LNP, we can help you make sure that your porting process goes quickly and smoothly. Here Call 48 explains what number porting is and how to port your phone number from one provider to another and landline to VoIP.

Porting is a process which allows users to move their phone numbers from one network or provider to another. There are a number of reasons why someone may wish to do so such as contact consistency, memorability (do you actually know anyone’s phone number that’s not saved in your phone anymore?), publicity and company branding.

Porting a number from the traditional phone line to VoIP is possible, but not always an available service. In many cases, the former provider will only port for a ‘goodbye’ fee/ severance payment, or what in basically is a last-ditch attempt to keep you as their customer by making your life difficult. 

In landline to VoIP transitions, local number portability encounters only few challenges. For one, telephone providers may be restricted in their network’s reach, so users transferring to another city or country simply go out of bounds. As well, local number portability requires a person or business’ registration to match the records both providers have on hand, meaning a number assigned to different individuals, although in the same company or family, does not work.

When porting a number from one VoIP provider to another, porting does not commonly happen because users do not own the virtual phone numbers assigned. Most of the time, they actually belong to the network as a whole.

To aid and assist in LNP, Call 48 operates a proprietary back end system called VoIP Portal where numbers are assigned automatically and updated in real time. In addition, there are also a wide variety of local and toll-free number area codes to pick from, so users will find their options abundant. If you need your numbers ported, contact a member of the Call 48 DID team today to get your numbers moving in the right direction. We will also take you for a tour of the VoIP Portal so you can see how easy it is to assign them.